Best Friends Sofia Coppola And Marc Jacobs Make TV Magic

Best friends Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs make TV magic

“Best friends make magic together: Our dearest Sofia Coppola will be directing the Daisy TV ad campaign this Fall!”  Marc Jacobs announced via twitter earlier this year. Now the finished result is finally here to see…

The 21 second clip is as whimsical and ethereal as you’d expect from the fabulous Coppola. Featuring a young blonde girl smiling and running through long grass, the Daisy fragrance advert invokes strong memories of Coppola’s 1991 film The Virgin Suicides.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs fragrance commercial 2013

Speaking to USA Today, Jacobs gushed about his filmmaker acquaintance. “Sofia has been a very dear friend of mine for many, many years. I love her as a person. We’ve done smaller projects over the years. She modelled in our ads. I love her vision and her voice.”

Known for her visually stylish filming, Coppola has often been cited as one of Jacob’s closest muses and the pair have been good friends from a tender age, supporting one another throughout their endeavours. A proud pioneer of the Marc Jacobs line from the early days – she was wearing his label the day she won her Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for her 2001 film ‘Lost in Translation.’

Today, Jacobs casts Coppola in his first ever fragrance advert. “I loved doing the commercial for him because we have similar taste,” says Coppola. “I especially wanted to do a good job because it’s for my friend.”

We’re sure this won’t be the last collaboration between Jacobs and Coppola – now that Jacobs has more time to focus on his personal line since stepping down from his role at Louis Vuitton, he’s bound to rope in more friendly favours in the future. Watch this space.

Watch Sofia Coppola’s Daisy by Marc Jacobs video: 

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