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This London Jewellery Designer Has Us Ready For A Stylish Autumn

This London jewellery designer has us ready for a stylish Autumn Are you ladies ready for Autumn or is it just us? If you are as accessory mad as we are, you’ll know that its time to stock up on some new statement pieces [...]

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The Zing Your Beauty Routine Needs

The zing your beauty routine needs It’s difficult these days not to read about the latest great beauty revelation. What celebrity is cleansing/moisturising/buffing/scrubbing with what, the new superfood or super beauty ingredient that you need to include or the new beauty brand on the [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Best Dressed: The 2014 Emmy Awards

Best Dressed: The 2014 Emmy Awards The A-list were seeing red at the Emmy Awards with scarlet fever sweeping the red carpet.  Having spent the summer throwing ourselves in to the excitement of dressing for beach holidays, city breaks and festivals, names like Lanvin, [...]

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Keeping Things Safe: Essential Things You Should Do That You Rarely (If Ever) Think About

Keeping things safe: Essential things you should do that you rarely (if ever) think about In the crazy, hazy every day, it’s so easy to let little things slip by. You always plan on working out at night, you mean to set up that [...]

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Career Guide

How To Balance An Internship While Being A Student

How to balance an internship while being a student In college, especially in your final year, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with classes and extracurricular activities and planning for the future. Add in that dream internship that you have managed to land, [...]

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Pillow Talk

5 Ways To Survive Moving In With Your Boyfriend

5 ways to survive moving in with your boyfriend As Monica Geller once judiciously wailed ‘and now I have to live with a boy!’, 80% of us will make that crucial step to living with a partner before marriage. Fantasizing about your new domestic [...]

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Plan A Cycling Holiday And Take Your Workout Outside

Plan a cycling holiday and take your workout outside Step out of your comfort zone that is your local gym and in to a world of adventure! You can still blast music and break a good sweat, but this time in style. Cycling has [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: The Faux Trench

California Breeze: The Faux Trench This faux trench coat is perfect for this awkward no-longer-summer, but-not-yet-fall phase. The standard trench coat is on my 10 Staples Every Girl Should Own, but dang, this faux one might need to get added. I love the pink [...]

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The London Lookbook

The London Lookbook: Flowing Lines

The London Lookbook: Flowing lines I’m very particular about what clothes I wear. Even though my look is often eclectic and sometimes adventurous, my sartorial choices are carefully considered and fit rigidly to a structure that I set for myself. Sometimes this can be [...]

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