5 Tips to Transform Your Kitchen into a Cooking Haven 

It is easy to transform your kitchen into a cooking heaven with stunning gourmet dishes only if it is set up right. Anyone can create a glamourous and exotic dish any time of the day and once in a while. However, making a cooking heaven out of your kitchen requires more than just the right recipe and luck. It all revolves around different flavors, cuisines and techniques, equipment and setting.

As you explore and play with different ingredients in the kitchen, having the right set-up of tools and appliances can help turn your kitchen into something everybody wants to see. This may sound like a difficult task for many, but it doesn’t need much time and money or a state-of-the-art culinary set-up. Just cover the basics, and all will play on smoothly.

1. Select the right kitchen appliances and tools

There are several kitchen hacks you need to know to make your life much easier and change your kitchen appearance, but be cautious in the process. Various basic but vital appliances and tools will make your work in the kitchen smooth. For example, a wet and dry vacuum is best for spills yet good looking. Invest in a good-looking set of knives and maintain them since you will be using them daily.

Other tools like mixing bowls and measuring cups of different sizes will help you prepare for any cooking process with a versatile spatula for mixing and booking. Also, you need a grater, balloon whisk and a good colander placed on the side of the bench.

2. Good quality cookware

A variety of pans and pots will give your kitchen a luxurious look while you enjoy the freedom of trying new and different cooking styles. Arrange your utensils in order. After every use, clean and return the used pan or pot to the right place. 

Every utensil is designed to take a certain amount of heat, and using the wrong one can damage the appearance and performance. Go for cookware that requires minimal care and looks good in the kitchen, like cast iron. Also, you should invest in a Dutch oven for curries and stews. If you like baking, you should invest in nice baking sheet pans and pans.

3. Spices and indoor herb garden

Spices and herbs will help you turn your kitchen into a room of amazing aroma and taste. They take your simple dish to the next level. Spices are available in the local shop and grocery stores. Always keep the basic ingredient close as you experience different herbs from your kitchen bench.

4. Vinegars, sauces and oils

Cooking delicious meals is not hard these days, thanks to the availability of favored oils and vinegar. Invest in luxurious oils and sauces like cold-pressed and olive oil to make your kitchen look astonishing and a gourmet heaven.

5. Good lighting fixture

Sufficient light can transform your kitchen into something you’ve never seen before. A simple desk lamp can do the magic if you don’t have a skylight or window in your kitchen. Additionally, it will help when taking photos of your culinary creation.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.