Struggling to Sleep While Flying? Follow These Top Tips for a Restful Journey

We all look forward to going abroad on amazing holidays, but many dread the tedious plane journey there and back. Sleeping on the flight helps pass the time quickly, and ensures you are rejuvenated to have fun on holiday.

With the holiday season approaching, we have some top tips for catching a relaxing nap in the air. The sleep specialists at MattressNextDay have researched the best ways to nod off while flying and at the airport.

Following these tips will help you fall asleep fast whilst flying, and with a good rest you’ll be off the plane and onto the beach in no time!

Block out the noise

Noise from people in the airport and from inside the plane itself can get loud, so it is important to avoid any sound disturbing sleep by blocking it out. Bring some earplugs to help get some rest. Alternatively, invest in some quality noise cancelling headphones, to either completely remove outside noise, or to listen to soft music to help fall asleep.

Wear an eye mask

Wearing an eye mask will help to replicate the nighttime by blocking out any harsh lighting from the plane and airport which would otherwise disturb sleep.

Use a neck pillow 

Bringing a neck pillow onto the plane is a popular way to ensure good sleep. It is important to keep the head and neck fully supported to get a comfortable sleep on the plane.

Plan in advance 

When booking a flight, especially ones which are long-haul, choose a seat which is next to the window. This way, the blind can be shut and you can rest your head on the side of the plane. If possible, pick a flight time which is during the night to have a more natural sleep pattern.

Get comfortable 

Optimise good sleep whilst waiting in the airport, and on the flight, by being comfortable. Pack a warm jumper, blanket and socks and wear extra snug clothes. Getting comfortable makes for a better sleep.

Stay secure 

It is difficult to fall asleep worrying about any potential for luggage to get stolen. Keep all belongings close and valuables hidden away. Ask a family member or friend to watch the luggage if you’re taking a nap, or as a solo traveller in the airport, put your feet up over the baggage.

Riya Sander

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