How to Give Your Teen Kids Their Dream Room Without Breaking Your Bank

Giving your teen its much-needed bedroom upgrade doesn’t need to be costly. And if you’re looking for the most cost-effective way in doing so, then seeing you here in this article is no accident. 

With just a few simple tweaks, you can breathe life in your teen’s room without putting a dent on your wallet. Are you ready for this big overhaul? Get your notes, gather your teens, prepare the tools, and continue to read on. 

Work Together With Your Teen

Before anything else, it’s better that you should involve your teen son/daughter when creating this project. Doing so helps you give an idea of what style and color accents they want for their room.

And also, having them as your helping hand will make things much easier. Not to mention, it also helps bond your parent-child relationship too. Just don’t let them handle tools that might be too dangerous to use. 

Spruce Up Old Furniture With Paint

Why buy new dressers and tables when you can update them with a fresh coat of paint? I highly recommend spray paint for this so it won’t look messy. You can also let your creativity do the talking by using the furniture as a canvas for your art.

Don’t just stick to boring solid colors. If you have the skill, try painting the galaxy or picturesque landscapes on the furniture. Take a short browsing session on Instagram and you can find plenty of furniture art inspirations from there.

Pro tip: when spray-painting these furniture, do it outside the house to avoid excess spray particles landing on other items. 

Experiment With Lights

There’s nothing better than using decorative lights to make your teen’s room more atmospheric. There are plenty of led light products available in the market today. There are floor lamps, hangable lights, suspended lights, and so much more.

Better yet, match the color of the lights with the color of the room. Doing so complements the atmosphere and vibes of the room which creates immersion. Most led lights today are Bluetooth connected where you can change the color to your own liking using an app. 

These color-changeable led lights give you the best of both worlds of affordability and customization. Because not only do they come at a cheap price, you can also customize their color whatever mood you are into right now.

Use Their Old Toys As Decorations

What better way to repurpose their childhood toys than by using them as decoration. So instead of throwing them away, you can let their toys live a new life by being displayed on the wall. The best option for this is using wall-mounted shelves.

There are myriads of wall-mounted shelves that come at cheap prices available today. Having your teen’s toys serve as decor saves you more cash compared to buying expensive decorations that won’t even last for years. 

Pro tip: make sure to give space between each toy so that it won’t feel cluttered to look at. A minimum of one to two inches of space between the toys would suffice. 

Add Room Personality With Colors

Colors play a vital role in sprucing up your teen’s room. It adds to the liveliness and personality of their room without making it feel and look boring. So take a look at the room’s entirety and see where such colors would fit. 

Should it be the pillows, walls, bedsheet, or maybe the carpet? Whatever that might be, make sure that the colors complement each piece of furniture or item in your teen’s room. The use of colors adds a more personal touch to make their room vibrant and inviting.

Pro tip: do not overdo the colors too much to the point that it looks uneasy to the eyes. Oversaturated colors will also make the room look a bit cluttered

Time For A Tech Upgrade

A teenage room is never complete without a slice of tech. As your teen gets older, the more demanding he/she becomes when it comes to technology. That’s why it’s time to give them a tech upgrade if they are still using previous generation gadgets. But aren’t gadgets too expensive, you ask?

Fret not because you have plenty of options to choose from as long as you buy from a legit manufacturer. If your teen is more into gaming, you can buy him/her an HD LED screen for them to enjoy their games more. Want to save cash? Buy from a legitimate China LED display supplier as most of their products come in cheap and can give you good service.

If your teen is a musical nerd, then buy him a mini-studio set where he/she can produce their own beats. You can find a lot of these products on online stores that are priced lower compared to their physical store counterparts. Whatever your teen is into, giving them a tech upgrade will help achieve their dreams. 


Transforming your teen kid’s dream room is as easy as repurposing old items and only buying new ones when needed. This is a prime example that you don’t need to splurge on anything just to give a room its much-needed makeover.

Just by following these tips above, your teen kid will probably give you a warm hug for such hard work. We hope this article is a big help to you in achieving your teen’s dream room without putting your debit card to bankruptcy.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.