Room for the Blooms: 7 Garden Flowers You Can Grow at Home

They say that starting a flower garden gives you a range of benefits. Indeed, they are right. Flower gardens do not only benefit essential pollinators like the bees and butterflies (a.k.a the garden fairies) but did you know that you can get some health benefits, too? Gardening can be a means of exercise, with all the bending, digging, and stretching you have to do.

Most importantly, they are stress-relievers. Just the sight of the beautiful flowers once they are in full bloom can temporarily make you forget about the worries and demands of the day. Making room for the blooms in your yard will probably be one of the best decisions you can make this year, especially that most are now staying and working from their homes. Visit a plant nursery to explore various shrubs and flowering plants you can add to your garden.

Gladiolus bulbs are a small miracle of nature and they are one of the most popular flowering plants and you can enjoy its immense popularity. But, do you know how long for gladiolus bulbs to sprout, how long does it take gladiolus bulbs to sprout? Read on to learn more!

And of course, to start a flower garden, you need to prepare your gardening tools and, most especially, choose the easy flowers for beginners to grow. Wondering what you should get? Here are some of the best plants you can grow at home.


The unique and stunning flower globes of hydrangea will definitely not escape the sight of onlookers while they pass by your yard. This shrub blooms every summer to spring and contains large flower heads that come in majestic colours of blue, pink, red, white, and lime green. Their elegant flowers do look high maintenance but do not be deceived.

One good thing about this flowering plant is that they are easy to grow and do not require much. It doesn’t matter if you think you are a brown-thumb because you can learn to grow hydrangea in your garden anytime. Plus, they can be fairly tolerant of neglect as long as you provide them with the right care and conditions. 

Furthermore, you can use hydrangea as a ground cover or as a privacy screen. This is a very attractive way of saying, “keep off; this property is mine.”


Coneflowers are cousins to daisies (which explains why they have such a resemblance). Compared to daisies, they have raised conelike centers that attract pollinators like butterflies. They also come in various colours such as pink, yellow, orange, and sometimes can have shades of two different colours. The most common species used by the majority of the gardeners is the purple variety, Echinacea purpurea.

Like hydrangeas, they are extremely trouble-free to grow in your yard. Although they can survive in poor soil conditions, they still like to be placed in rich, well-drained soil and blooms best when exposed to full sunlight. Most varieties are drought-tolerant, and they also make nice cut flowers that you can display and put in your vases.

Aside from their beauty, they are also used for their medicinal qualities


Also known by its genus name, Ajuga, bugleweed is an evergreen perennial plant that is fast-growing and can serve as a great ground cover. They are excellent at filling in shady, troublesome areas where it’s difficult to get anything to grow. It also works well on slopes or banks, good for landscaping, and blends perfectly with other flowers. 

They produce upright flower spikes that can reach up to 10 inches tall, although some cultivars can be much shorter. Their flowers produce glorious colours from blue to white. Their foliage is also pretty attractive with their variegated and shiny green, sometimes purple, leaves.

Cranesbill Geranium

Cranesbill Geranium flower, or hardy geranium, is a plant that thrives well in full sun and fertile, moist soil but is very adaptable to drought conditions once they are established. Their cup-shaped, frilly, and vibrant flowers bloom profusely for a long time, usually from late spring until fall.

Since their foliage can spread and become quite voluminous, they are perfect fillers for your beds and borders. They can also be useful to hide away unsightly utilities like old faucets, worn-out hoses, and the likes.


Not the universe, although the cosmos can also be as bright and beautiful as the universe. They are annual, daisy-like flowers that have long, slender stems. If you are looking for plants that can grow easily from seeds and survive in poor soil conditions, cosmos can be a great choice.  

They bloom throughout the summer season and come in various colours, including orange, red, pink, white, and maroon.


Most home gardeners love to add lilacs to the mix because of their sweet-smelling and haunting fragrance. Aside from their heavily-scented purple blooms, they are also grown because they are easy to care for and do not require much maintenance once you can establish them. 

For starters, make sure that the soil is well-drained because they do not like getting too wet. Also, lilac bushes grow best in full sun, at least 6 hours a day. Once the blooming is over, you can prune them to avoid powdery mildews and promote flowering for the next season again.

Balloon Flowers

This bell-like flower is gaining popularity among the gardens of most homeowners nowadays. Its name is derived from the puffy balloon-like bulbs that turn into starry, upturned flowers. They prefer to be placed in areas where they can get full sun to partial shade.

They can be great focal centres. They can even look pleasant when you combine them with other flowers in your garden. The blue varieties bring out the best shade, but you can also pick the white ones to blend it easily with other colours.


Having a garden full of flowers is an awesome sight to behold. Yes, it would take a little of your time and money, but all of those efforts are worth it once they are in full bloom. Besides, developing a new hobby like gardening wouldn’t hurt, especially during times like these. If anything, it would give you a new sense of purpose and satisfaction. When it comes to tending to your garden, comfort is essential. Check out my review here to find the perfect kneeling mat for your needs.

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