Get Inspired! Great Ideas for Decorating Your Backyard Pond

When you’re setting up a backyard pond, taking care of technical details such as digging and installing an aeration system is only part of the process. It is best to see here now and get ideas from experts. As early as the planning stage, you also have to consider how you’ll decorate your pond. How it looks will likely evolve over the years though. If designed well, it can become the highlight of your backyard, exuding a serene, relaxing vibe.

There are countless ways for you to decorate your backyard pond and imbue it with a personal touch. Anything that you add to your pond to make it more beautiful is considered an ornament, from underwater lights to a wooden bridge. 

On a different note, if you’re looking to add a hardscape feature to your yard as well, that elevates both the aesthetics and functionality, a retaining wall may be just what you’re looking for. Retaining walls are one of the best ways to make your property more appealing. 

Now back to the backyard pond of your dreams! To get you inspired, here are some of the best ideas for decorating your pond:

Waterfall or Fountain 

Having moving water near your home is supposed to be lucky. At the very least, when you incorporate a waterfall or fountain into your pond, the sound and look of the water can be very peaceful. 

The easier option is to use a decorative fountain. This can be quickly installed, making your pond eye-catching and at the same time aerating it. Fountains come in various sizes and spray patterns, and you can find comprehensive choices in platforms like Living Water Aeration. Fountains are generally best for smaller ponds that are less than six feet deep. 

An alternative would be a waterfall. You can pile up stones on top of each other, then include a pump so water flows smoothly from top to bottom.   


Pond lighting can transform your pond at night and give it a magical, romantic look. These come in different shapes and colors, and because LED lights have already become very efficient, you won’t use up a lot of electricity even if they’re running all night. 

Lights can generally be floating, underwater, or outside the pond. Floating lights emphasize the surface of the pond, which is perfect with more floating ornaments and plants. With underwater lights, it’s the inside of the pond that’s illuminated, resulting in a surreal glow. Outside the pond, lights can be placed around it to emphasize the surrounding rocks and landscape (check Infantry Landscaping service), or hung from high up to shine on the entire pond. Just make sure to keep your pond clean because it’ll be more visible!

Floating Decorations

Floating decorations are among the most convenient to install because they’re small and light. These go best with ponds that have enough space on the surface. For example, ponds that are already full of water lilies or other plants can become congested when you throw in floating ornaments. This is probably the type of pond decoration with the most variety, as you’ll find everything from turtle and frog statues to flower baskets and artificial plants. Adding floating decorations to your pond also takes the least effort, plus they’re among the cheapest!  

Spitter Statues

A more special type of floating ornament would be spitter statues, which mimic fountains. These statues have a hole or outlet that continuously spits out water from the pond, creating a gentle stream. Installation is easy because you only need a pump and a hose. Similar to a fountain, spitter statues help circulate more oxygen throughout your pond, and they’re also fun and whimsical. Common shapes include a fisher, a person holding a jar, Kloubec Koi, or even frogs. Koi fish, with their vibrant colors and flowing fins, are often cherished in pond ecosystems. Incorporating koi-inspired spitter statues not only adds elegance but also pays homage to these enchanting creatures. These statues create a gentle stream of water, enhancing your pond’s beauty and oxygen levels. The soothing sound of flowing water adds to the serene ambiance. Whether you choose a lifelike representation or an artistic interpretation, koi spitter statues are a meaningful and functional addition to your pond, benefiting both you and your koi.

A spitter statue can be a charming decoration for small ponds. However, if your pond needs a lot of oxygen, a spitter statue won’t be able to handle the entire aeration on its own. Some pond-owners set up a fountain first, then accessorize with a spitter statue.    


Rocks can serve as decoration for your pond, leading to a rustic, natural look. You can explore and look at ponds and lakes to notice how the rocks are arranged. Rocks are most often set on top of pond liners, bordering the pond and hanging a little over the edge. Aside from being decorative, this keeps the pond liner secure. Pebbles might be included in the mix for variety as long as they’re held in place by landscape rocks. 

The size and shape of the rock hint at how to arrange it. Smooth, flat granite can serve as a shelf for plants, while bigger flagstone boulders can imitate rock structures when placed around the pond. Sandstone is a favorite material for waterfalls because it shows off stunning patterns when wet.  


Installing a bridge over your pond has a huge effect, turning it into an attention-catcher and encouraging people to look at it. It’s frequently found in Zen gardens, which also display pagodas, carefully arranged rocks, and other decorative structures. 

With a bridge installed, your pond becomes a sanctuary, and you can enjoy lingering over it. A simple bridge made out of wood is cheap while going a long way. At the same time, it helps with maintenance because you have better access to certain parts of the pond. For maximum impact, put in LED lights too. 

These are among the top ways that you can decorate your backyard pond. While you’re designing it, make sure to consider your budget and your own preferences. Whatever ornaments you use in your pond ultimately has to be appealing for you. A beautifully decorated backyard pond will give you much pleasure and enjoyment, whether you’re viewing it from your home or you’re walking next to it.  

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