Infuse Your Interiors With the Latest Trend: Geometric Wallpaper

The wallpaper trend has been going from strength to strength over the last few years, and we’ve got just the thing if you’re looking for some inspirational new prints to add to your home. Decorating can sometimes feel like a big task, but finding the right statement wallpaper can actually do a lot of the hard work for you by creating a focal point and a colour scheme to help guide the rest of your design choices.

Creator of made-to-measure wallpaper murals have brought together some of the best mural images from photo libraries, contemporary designers, photographers and artist from across the world. Most recently, they launched a collection of geometric pattern wallpaper murals which are suited to any home.

The versatile collection is suited to a variety of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and home offices. Choose from striking monochrome patterns, pastel geometric designs and retro offerings all available in standard wallpaper materials as well as ‘Peel & Stick’ removable, self adhesive material. Stylish, easy to apply and custom-made to fit your space. What’s not to love?

You can view the full collection here but we couldn’t resist sharing our current favourites with you:

Retro Chevron Pattern is a retro inspired wallpaper made up of muted shades of green, blue, yellow and orange making it a good choice for a gender neutral nursery or bedroom. The colourful tones give you endless options for furniture and bed linen, making life easier when you need to replace pieces or update the room as your child older. We love this handmade baby quilt to accessorise.

Loving the colder nights and cosy interiors? Updating your home for the new season has never been easier with this custom-made Autumn Trend mural. Introduce these soft, warm tones in a modern print by choosing one wall to display this bold geometric artwork in all it’s glory. We think this would look gorgeous in your living room, set behind this simple and classically designed sofa. Finish by adding a contrasting textured throw, curl up and relax.

Monochrome is always a safe bet, but this Black and White Polygon wallpaper is a geometric take on the norm. This would be a dramatic backdrop to your main bathroom and would look particularly good with this luxurious freestanding copper bathtub. Aah the glamour! Add a few extra copper details like this tap and then strategically place some greenery in the form of low maintenance plants for an effortless yet pristine look.

The Neutral Blues wallpaper has an instant calming effect which you’ll want to use to create a haven for relaxation in any chosen area of your home. We envisage an open living space with sandblasted floorboards, crisp white cotton bedsheets and glass vases overflowing with carefully chosen seashells and pebbles. Light a candle to evoke that refreshing sea air aroma and imagine the waves lapping outside for a peaceful night’s sleep.

For a modern and truly Instagrammable look we love the Cherry design wallpaper. A cool combination of blush pink, moody mauve, sky blue and pastel orange this wouldn’t look out of place in a designer boutique, so it’s sure to add the wow factor to any home. We would use this in a wide open space such as an open plan living area or a sitting area which opens out onto a balcony. Maximising the natural light will lead to effortless selfie backgrounds (yes, we’re that obsessed!) and really draw attention to your new work of art.

Choosing your design couldn’t be easier. Browse their vast array of options and order online where they will create a made-to-measure mural to fit the specific dimensions of your wall in the material of your choice. They pride themselves in delivering the very best quality and experience, using cutting edge printing technology and the very best digital printing and computer cutting machines available anywhere in the world. All you have to do is decide which print would look best!

Fiona Reid

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