Artist Focus: Malin Mossberg’s Work Draw On ‘Moody, Humble, and Good Energy’

When you see Malin Mossberg’s work, you can instantly understand that a great deal of feeling and emotion must go into each and every piece. Inspired by her surroundings and the many things happening around her in the world, she paints her signature personal style into all of her artwork!

Her self-described aesthetic – moody, humble, and good energy – is one that continues to be extremely fitting throughout every collection she creates.

“I try to paint things that are important to myself, and through it, create a personal style. I want to convey a special mood,” she told YCB. Taking a look at her enchanting pieces, it’s clear that she has been able to create a dark yet striking vibe through her artwork, whether she is painting a landscape, a piece of abstract art, or a portrait.

Mossberg currently lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, with her partner and daughter. She enjoys spending her days relaxing with a cup of coffee, taking early-morning yoga classes, painting in both her personal studio as well as a shared one, and finding inspiration through time with friends. As someone who began painting at a very young age, recalling doing so at her grandparents’ home, Mossberg is overjoyed to have been able to start it as a full-time career about two years ago.

“Today I feel very grateful to work on something that matters to me,” she said. “I can control my own time, but it also means you need good discipline and hard work.” There is no doubt that Mossberg has been able to find that balance, as she is able to devote her time to her true passion. That being said, she admits that paperwork is often her least favorite part of the job, but a necessary one at that!

When it comes to finding inspiration for her artwork, Malin never fails to find encouragement in the form of her childhood home. Growing up on the countryside in a small village called Molkom, she was able to attend a special arts gymnasium in Karlstad, Sweden. To this day, she likes to take advantage of the gorgeous landscape and nature in her home country.

While home holds a special place in her heart, she also loves to travel to learn more about new places and cultures, helping to keep her inspired and creating unique artwork. With half of her family being Cuban, she truly loves to visit Miami from time to time to stay in touch with those roots. In all places she visits, Malin says she is always observing light and colours, boosting her imagination for when she is ready to create.

As a cultured artist, Mossberg finds a playfulness in using watercolours. At the same time, one must have an understanding that painting in watercolours takes time and patience. When explaining her process, she explains how she must paint in several steps, beginning with the background that often takes some time to dry. In the end, she comes back in to finish with the details of the piece, bringing in bolder colours and darker lines.

She tends to stick to a darker and more serene colour palette for most of her paintings, forgoing bright hues and using different levels of blacks and grays to add drama to her artwork. Using watercolours, she says, means that making one mistake can be cause to start the entire painting over! Depending on the subject, each piece takes a different amount of time.

When we ask her about the decor scheme in her own home, she enjoys having artwork from other artists on the walls. However you will never find a poster hanging, but she rather enjoys a focus on real paintings made by hand, or quality prints. She says, “It must not be perfect, but [there is] more personality in the artwork.”

Looking forward to autumn, Mossberg has plans to share her artwork at the Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm, which is October 12-15. Swedish and international galleries present contemporary art by more than 500 artists, and Mossberg’s will be available at the Nordic Art Wall at the fair.

To see more of Malin Mossberg’s work, visit her online portfolio or follow her on Instagram.

Amanda Robbins

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