Treating Back Pain at Home: The Ultimate Guide to Physical Wellbeing

Looking after our physical wellbeing and health has never been more important. With the sales of multivitamins skyrocketing due to the pandemic, it appears more apparent than ever that, as humans, we are taking better care of ourselves and putting our physical health needs first.  

There are some aspects of our physical health that have been pushed to the backs of our minds each day. For the most part, it becomes the norm and a part of our daily lives. None more so than when experiencing joint and back pain.  

An estimated two and a half million people experience back pain of some sort in the UK every year. We feel confident there are many out there who are searching for innovative ways to treat back pain symptoms from the comfort of their own home. 

Read on and explore our suggestions below. You may find something here which works for you!  

1) Establishing What It Causing the Pain: It goes without saying that to effectively treat the pain you’re experiencing, understanding its cause is essential. Without consulting a naturopath nanaimo or a healthcare professional, your efforts may be less effective, particularly when experiencing high levels of discomfort. Additionally, a naturopath nanaimo can provide personalized holistic approaches to address the root cause of your pain and support your overall well-being. Back pain can stem from various causes, with the most complex including fractures, breaks, or misplacements of bones. Muscle strains and other injuries can also cause back pain but are generally easier to treat at home than fractures.

It should be noted that if you have had an accident and injured your back, always get yourself seen by a medical professional who can provide back pain relief like the ones at Boston Chiang Mai Medical Clinic. You know better than anyone whether you are in pain and discomfort, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be safe than sorry.  

2) Holistic Remedies: Alternative medicine has been used for years to treat back pain and related issues. While some people might feel no effects from acupressure and acupuncture, it has been estimated by those who opt for this method of treatment that effects will be felt following two or three appointments. Naturally, acupuncture can be tricky to do from your home, especially if you do not have the relevant experience or qualifications to try it. This is where you’ll need the services of acupuncture experts. However, acupressure points can be tested from your home, either by yourself or with the help of another.  

In addition, if you’re interested in exploring integrative medicine and holistic health, it’s important to find a practitioner who is experienced and knowledgeable in this area. Visit an integrative medicine clinic or look for a naturopathic doctor or integrative medicine practitioner who specializes in chronic disease management and is trained in functional nutrition, hormone imbalances, and gut health.

3) Replacing Problem Furniture: Improper posture is one of the leading causes of back pain. When sat in a chair for prolonged periods – as most of us are while working – increased pressure levels are put on our discs. This could lead to back pain and injury over time, so you must do what you can to prevent this from happening. The same goes for our beds. Mattresses that are not suited to our bodies can cause back and muscle pain, which is not ideal after a long workday! If you have identified that a chair or mattress is the cause of your back pain, it is suggested that you replace them when you can.  

That is not to say that you should be paying out for an expensive mattress in the hopes that it will alleviate your symptoms. There is a vast range of mattress options available to people like yourselves that can ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.  

Whether you are a side-sleeper or someone who spreads themselves out, The Mattress Guide has compiled a helpful and detailed comparative guide. Specifying medium as well as firmer mattresses which could help improve your sleeping posture and bad back.

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