Ebba Zingmark Talks To YCB About How It’s Like To Be One Of Sweden’s Biggest Fashion Bloggers

Wearing corduroy pants, Dr. Marten boots, and a large cashmere coat layered over a second hand sweater Swedish blogger Ebba Zingmark opens up about life as a fashion blogger and her take on Scandinavian fashion.

Ebba Zingmark

Initially named “Ebba’s Foton” – Ebba’s Photos in Swedish, Ebba began her blog three years ago with the intention of creating a place to share photographs with her friends. “I started [my blog] three years ago, when my interest for photographing started getting bigger. I wanted a way to share my pictures with friends! What I didn’t know back then was that the blog would soon transform into a fashion blog”.

Inspired by the weather and the books that she reads the 17-year-old fashion blogger describes her style as androgynous and retro: “[My style] is very varying. It really depends on what I feel like at the moment, but by some reason I always return to the androgynous and the retro style”.

Having been grown up in Umea, Sweden and hoping to be living in Stockholm within the next five years Ebba seemed like the perfect person to get an insider’s perspective on Scandinavian fashion. “I think fashion is becoming more and more global, and the differences of the countries has become smaller” Ebba, an avid flea market and outdoor lover, told Your Coffee Break, “but I do think that the Scandinavian fashion scene is more minimalistic than in the other Europe and US fashion scenes.

With a blogging career that includes guest design projects the swedish blogger, who is currently obsessed with “furry garments” can be found relaxing at home at one moment and then jet-setting the next. “Well, it’s hard to say [what my typical day is like] because the life of a blogger is so varying. That’s what I love about it” Ebba shared. “Some days are just like everyone else’s days, I go to school, do my homework and watch TV, and some days I get up and jump on a flight the first thing in the morning to attend meetings, photoshoots or events”.

Ebba’s advice for aspiring fashion bloggers? “Dare to be different! And try to have the best image quality as possible!”

Photos courtesy of http://nyheter24.se/modette/ebbazingmark

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