Ebba Zingmark Talks Scandinavian Fashion

Ebba Zingmark Talks Scandinavian Fashion

Ebba Zingmark

If there’s one thing you should know about us here at YCB is that we have a good eye for fashion…and that we are obsessed with good and strong coffee! With fashion releases and trends taking over our inbox, Your Coffee Break has influences from all over the world, every day. But there is one major but; the Scandinavian countries seem to be moving further and further away on the map and although we have a soft spot for US and UK trends, one of our ultimate favourites is the edgy yet minimalistic street-style of Swedish bloggers (you might have noticed that we’re pretty hooked…)

We are always intrigued by what inspires these masters in the Scandinavian countries. With high-quality materials, retro looks, vintage and denim on denim outfits, these ladies are simply a constant source of inspiration. That’s why we called up our favourite go-to gal and Swedish top fashion blogger Ebba Zingmark to talk some serious Scandinavian fashion and trends come Autumn/Winter13…There’s not one single look this redhead can’t pull off, we’re telling you! We can’t get enough of this young lady and her style. If you haven’t read her blog yet, make sure you pay her a visit here!

Ebba Zingmark street style

After a long season of neon, monochrome and cropped tops, we’re pretty tired of seeing the same trends on our radar and decided to sit down with Ebba to discuss her thoughts on upcoming trends, must-have summer wardrobe pieces, and her upcoming collection! “The process has been SO much fun! I love sketching and planning everything to the last detail; now I’m just waiting for the first sample garments from the factory. I’m sooo curious!” Ebba tells YCB. Combining her exquisite taste in fashion, eye for detail and quality, and creative mind, Ebba sure knows her fashion both on and off set. “My upcoming collection is for someone like myself.  A girl that loves playing with clothes and fashion, and that isn’t afraid to stand out. She probably loves dressing retro and a bit androgynous too.” We, at YCB, loved her previous collection of dresses, ‘Ebba Z for Sin’, where each look is topped off with nude and simplistic accessory accents or a transitional graphic tee for a complete feminine yet unique, envious ensemble. When we asked the fashion blogger what her favourite piece in her wardrobe was, she eagerly admitted, “Right now it’s my own-designed dress in white. I wore it for midsummer (it’s a very Swedish tradition, a day when we celebrate the summer) and felt like a princess!” We cannot wait to get our hands on her upcoming collection!

Ebba Z for Sin

Ebba Z for Sin

“Less is more” accurately describes contemporary Swedish fashion. From classic, clean lines and minimalistic silhouettes to avant-garde shock value and haute couture, these Scandinavian bloggers are taking over the fashion and magazine industry with their street style, setting the standard for the rest of the country’s fashion addicts. One of them is Ebba, who is famous for mixing up her outfits and adding that stylish touch of vintage and retro wear. In fact, finding vintage treasures is the highlight of Ebba Zingmark’s wardrobe hunt this summer season. She is also on the lookout for new retro items. However in retrospect, Ebba explains, ‘I’m looking forward to Autumn/Winter’s 90’s grunge look! Though my personality isn’t “grunge” at all, I kind of always come back to the grunge look. For some reason I feel very comfortable in the look! I’m also excited about all the funny prints. I remember seeing pictures of a lovely Bambi printed sweater on the Givenchy F/W13 show! I need to find it.’ And when it comes to designers, she finds it hard to decide on a favourite. ‘There’s so many designers I like! Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Moschino, for example. But I especially love the whole concept of Stella McCartney, the fact that se doesn’t use real leather and that she cares about animal rights.’ 

A firm believer in individuality when it comes to personal style, Ebba is stressing the importance of trusting your sense of style and explains that there are no rules when it comes to fashion today. “In Sweden, you can dress anyway you want to and still make fashion from any perspective.” Ebba says. “I think that every woman should wear classic and trendy items. A classic item could be a hat for example; it works, and will always work, it goes with everything. It just can’t get un-trendy because there are so many versions! (Right now I’m really into caps) A trendy item could be the hair scarf, wear it around your head to a big bun!”

Ebba Z for Sin

A fast-paced girl in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, the experience, perks, and adventures one embarks on are endless and exciting! YCB had to ask what her favourite part of being a fashion blogger is.“There’s so much I love about being a fashion blogger, but travelling must be the best part. The last six moths I’ve been to NYC, Milan, London, Berlin and Stockholm of course. I love discovering new places, meeting new people and so on! I’ve learnt so much and had so many great experiences travelling!” But Ebba Zingmark isn’t only an inspiring fashion guru, she’s also here to give advice to her readers on the popular Internet phenomenon that is blogging today for example on how to start out in the industry, build up an attractive blog and reaching out to the right audience.“Try to take high quality photos! A great outfit may not look that exciting on a bad photo. Buy a good camera and learn how to use Photoshop or any other editing program. It’s all about the pictures! I get help from my friends and family to take my outfit pictures but that’s all! (I do all the camera settings and editing myself)”

Ebba Zingmark swedish fashion blogger

Miss Zingmark has been making her mark in the fashion and blogging industries, and spoke to us about her future plans and other aspirations. “In five years, I’ll probably be living in Stockholm. If I’m not studying I’m either working as a full time blogger, fashion journalist or a model. Maybe I’ve found the love of my life and maybe I’ve started writing my first book!”  This beauty sure is a breath of fresh, Swedish air!

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