Travelling with Toddlers: Here’s What You Should Know

For new parents, it’s often a huge responsibility when you must travel with the family, especially when your little ones are toddlers. Travelling with toddlers can be a nightmare for parents. Toddlers are very sensitive to everything around them, including changes in routine. Getting ready for a trip can be stressful even under the best of circumstances. This article will discuss what you can do to make sure that you have a smooth and stress-free trip.

Planning the trip.

Before you even set your foot out the door, there are a few things you need to consider while travelling with a toddler. If you are going on a vacation, deciding the location is crucial when travelling with a child. Not every destination is child-friendly, and they have the necessary facilities to ensure safety and a welcoming atmosphere. This is also crucial in booking stays too. Small children are more vulnerable to diseases, and they are more reactive to their surroundings. This means you must take extra care to ensure a safe and healthy environment around your toddler when travelling.

Under 2 years old, you can probably travel easily with your kid for free. Beyond that, travel starts becoming expensive as they eat more, and mobility becomes an issue. Toddler stages often come with urges to start exploring the surroundings and that can be a dangerous affair in strange or foreign lands. Make sure you can manage such urges on your own while planning the destination. You can use a GPS tracker to keep track of your little ones while travelling. They will alert you if the kid leaves the surroundings and you can easily find them quickly if they even wander off. 

Diet is also another issue that needs to be taken seriously. Picky eaters can be troublesome and getting a stomach bug is all too easy. As adults, we have much more freedom in experimenting but taking a chance with our precious little ones is off-limits. Plan your day ahead while travelling and pick out your diet or places you are going to eat from beforehand. These days, most destinations have very detailed travel itineraries and travel vlogs which you can use to find out reliable and decent options. 

When on the trip: 

You’ve got your toddler ready to go, and now it’s time to get to the airport. But as you load them up in the car, you’re already worrying about the long flight ahead. While you don’t want to make it worse, preparing for a long flight with your toddler can be helpful to avoid any surprise meltdowns. Make sure you pack their Favourite toys and go-to items to calm them down if a tantrum situation arises. You can also try and keep them engaged for some time before the flight so that they are exhausted and ready to sleep as you board. This ensures a restful and calm flight experience.

Even if you will get provisions from the flight/on the way, it’s sensible to carry essential food items for nourishment while on the move. Smaller items with lots of protein value make the most sense. Likewise, carrying the sipping cup, water bottle, and sleeping blanket for your toddler is safer as you can’t always expect what to get from the destination. Moreover, they provide a familiar and safe vibe for your toddler that makes them more comfortable. 

We hope that this blog post has helped you find some new strategies to use when travelling with your toddler.  If you’re interested in learning more about parenthood, lifestyle, entertainment, and a whole slew of other topics, check out our other articles here.

Brenda Kimble

Brenda Kimble is an entrepreneur and mother of 2 daughters and a son, plus their beagle named Duke! She loves blogging, crafting, and spending time with her family.