Top 5 Most Desired Cities in the World to Live Abroad 

Join the wave of digital nomads and expats who are migrating from their home countries to embark upon the unique experience of living abroad. In this post-covid world, people are more eager and flexible than ever to be able to work from another country, and a workation alone isn’t cutting it for some people. Contact professional immigration services like migration agent perth if you want to move to Australia. But which cities are the most desired by prospective expats searching for the perfect place to call home?

1. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

It’s official – Edinburgh in Scotland is the most desired city to live in abroad, not only in Europe but in the world! It tops the list with a whopping 20k+ in global monthly searches on average. Whether drawn by its internationally renowned universities or for its plethora of job opportunities, Scotland makes it easy for foreigners to study and find work. It is no surprise that eyes are wandering towards Edinburgh as their next place to live. Every August, Edinburgh’s population practically doubles as foreigners flock to the city for its world-renowned Fringe Festival. Whether looking for a new place to call home or taking a workcation trip, Edinburgh should be at the top of your list! Who knows, many of you might fall in love with its charming, cobbledstreets or the medieval architecture of the Old Town, I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a real-life Harry Potter town?

2. Dublin, Ireland

Coming in second in both the world and European rankings is Dublin, Ireland with 17,570 average global monthly searches. Known as a city with buzzing nightlife and an abundance of job opportunities, Dublin is a melting pot for expats, not only coming from Europe but around the world. With the lure of larger companies including Google, Facebook, PayPal and even TikTok, it is no surprise there are so many people looking to move to Dublin. With so much to do and see and explore, from Irish pubs to its rich history, why not check out Dublin on your next workation? Who knows, you may just end up wanting to stay!

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Taking the third place spot in our world ranking is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with 13,200 average global monthly searches. Dubai is a very international destination, attracting expats from around the globe, with reports of around 200k+ new expats each year. Dubai stands out on this list not only for its unique and futuristic architecture but for its tax-free income salary that many around the world flock here for. It’s also developed a modern public transport system, making it very easy to get around, but with modern roads, it’s also a less congested city than others on this list. This makes it a more attractive place for drivers than London, for example, which becomes congested very easily due to the old, narrow roads. However, it’s important to look at how to find the best insurance deal in Dubai for car insurance. as the residents have a reputation for speeding.

Dubai should definitely be on your list of cities to look into if you want to live the high life abroad!

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4. Barcelona, Spain

Up next is the sun-filled city of Barcelona in Spain, a vibrant and fun city which attracts expats from all over the world. Known for its amazing food and drink, lively atmosphere and outstanding quality of life, Barcelona is a must to check out for those planning their next move! Not only is it more affordable than many places in western Europe, but who wouldn’t want to live in a city next to the beach? There is also a huge community of internationals, so you’ll feel right at home! Whether coming to visit, workation, or set up your new home, Barcelona welcomes you with open arms.    

5. London, United Kingdom

This next one on the list is no surprise, with an average global monthly search volume of 10,650, London comes in position 5. With a rich history, lush parks, and vibrant nightlife, who wouldn’t want to live in one of the most loved cities in the world? London has always been a very international city, and this has only increased over time, especially as working from abroad has become much more normalised in a post-covid world. Many have jumped at the chance to live in such an iconic city. Whether for a temporary workation or if you want to call it your new home, London is undoubtedly one of the most desired cities to live abroad.

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