The Most Popular Bridesmaid Trends for AW22

Did somebody say wedding bells? From flashy photographers and intricate table plans to booking the band and picking the flowers, there’s an awful lot to consider when planning the big day – and bridesmaid dresses aren’t always at the top of every bride’s list of priorities. But once the star of the show has chosen her own gown and freed up her time, the bride then needs to make another all-important decision – what will her nearest and dearest wear on her wedding day? 

From puffy pink numbers to matching themed frocks, bridesmaid dresses are forever changing with the moving fashions – and with 255.3 million searches for #bridesmaiddresses on TikTok, it’s clear that modern-day bridal parties still want to find the perfect fit. But with the cost of living crisis in full swing, many brides are turning to the high street rather than high fashion. Zoe Burke, wedding expert and editor at says:

“It’s no surprise that many couples are looking at cutting costs wherever they can, even if it means asking their wedding party to pay for their own outfits for their big day. If you find costs are mounting up, but you still want your best friends at your wedding party, asking them to buy their own dresses is totally acceptable – just make sure you’re clear about it upfront. 

You’ll also need to give them a say in what they wear if they’re footing the bill. You could set a colour scheme, but let them choose what they like within that – mix and match bridesmaid dresses are a rising trend!”

Light or dark shades? Dresses or jumpsuits? Looking at what the onsite increases in search have been between the beginning of June and the start of August this year, Oliver Bonas has revealed what they think the biggest bridesmaid dress trends of Autumn and Winter 2022 will be. Read on if you’re a budding bride in need of a little inspiration… 

Crowd-pleasing colours and patterns 

According to customer search trends, Oliver Bonas reports that there’s been a 200% increase in searches for yellow dresses  and a 273% increase in interest surrounding orange dresses. Rhi Roberts, fashion buyer at Oliver Bonas comments:

“Much like autumn leaves, oranges and yellows are natural, warm colours for bridesmaid dresses during the autumn and winter months. From bright sunny shades to moodier tones, opting for silk and velvet gowns in mustard yellows and burnt terracotta oranges will offer your bridal party a sophisticated yet festive look.

I’d suggest accessorising both colours with gold jewellery and neutral shoes and bags, so as not to overcrowd the orange and yellow. Or, if you’d rather opt for a pattern, winter floral dresses have also seen a 40% increase in search and would make for a stunning bridesmaid look during the colder seasons – just be sure to go for jewel-toned patterns and warm colours.” 

Seasonal styles 

From summery short numbers to longer, elegant lengths, there is a whole range of bridesmaid dress styles to choose from. The question is, what will your party feel most comfortable in? With a 28% increase in searches for jumpsuits, it’s clear that traditional dresses aren’t the only options for modern-day bridesmaids. Rhi adds:

“Nowadays, bridal parties don’t tend to stick to the same colours, styles and designs. It’s now the done thing to let your bridesmaids choose cuts and fits that work for them. However, if you want to keep a little uniform, I’d suggest opting for all matching accessories and colours – but just give your bridesmaids the freedom to choose the style and cut of their outfits. 

The latest trend in dress silhouettes, the midaxi dress, has seen a huge 50% increase in searches – making it a likely option for many autumn and winter weddings this year. However, structured mini dresses are also proving popular with a 38% increase – a perfect choice for a relaxed bridesmaid outfit.  For those of us who want a more covered-up yet chic option, the jumpsuit is also set to be a firm favourite amongst bridal parties, with a 28% increase in search.” 

Apt accessories 

From hats to fascinators, weddings are usually filled with a variety of different accessories – ones that come in all colours and styles. But which accessories are predicted to be the hottest picks this year? Rhi comments:

“Accessories are a huge part of what makes a bridesmaid outfit complete – whether it’s sparkly shoes or more neutral jewels, they’re a great way to level up the look of the bridal party. According to our findings, pearl jewellery is set to be on trend this autumn and winter, with a 50% increase in search. A gorgeous pearl necklace, bracelet and earring set is sure to look effortlessly elegant at any wedding and usually goes with every colour palette.

We’ve also seen a 27% rise in hair scarves searches, which suggests that this more distinctive style could be a hit during wedding season. Skinny hair scarves are timeless accessories that could add a pop of colour to a more neutral gown. Or, if you want to leave the statement-making down to the jewellery, why not inject some personality into your bridesmaid look with some heart earrings, which have also seen a 72% increase in search? The perfect shape for a  loved-up ceremony.”

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Anabel Cooper

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