What Should I Have in My Camera Bag?

A camera bag is not just to protect a camera but also many of the accessories that photography needs. It can protect the contents of photography in many different environments and be something that you can house your camera in when taking it on holiday. That is, after all, when many photographs are taken as a permanent reminder of a trip. Professional photographers, like dance photographer, will use a camera bag because they move around a lot.

This leads us to the question: can I bring my camera bag on the plane? After finding out the answer, you may find of interest all the things that can be accommodated in the different types of camera bags available to buy.

Different Types of Bags for Our Camera and Accessories

Camera pouches are the most basic type of camera bag available. They are not the most protective, but they keep a camera clean and away from the elements such as rain. The advantage of a pouch is that it will prove more lightweight to carry than a hard case that will add weight to the camera equipment that you are already carrying. Be mindful of that.

Other styles of bag include:


It can be an advantage to carry camera accessories in your bag when you can evenly distribute the weight and also have your hands free to take photographs.

Camera Holsters

A camera holster is designed to have the space to accommodate a longer zoom lens. Professional photographers use separate lenses in most cases. It is necessary to capture a distant image with clarity that can be blown up in size for a calendar.

Rolling Cases

When particularly heavy camera equipment is to be transported, a rolling or trolley case will prove invaluable as an accessory in itself. They are rigid, like a suitcase, and can survive being dropped. The contents inside will still survive.

Shoulder Bags

These are good to carry everything on a shoulder as you might a lightweight bag or handbag but you need to be careful not to overload it. This kind of camera bag will have the space for an SLR and a couple of your lenses. This is adequate for most photographers.

Sling Bags

These will hold a similar capacity to a backpack but have the same ease of access as a shoulder bag. Camera equipment needs to be easy to access as well as protected when it comes to carrying.

Waist Belts

If you are looking for a functional way to carry a camera and its smaller accessories, that you might need, then a waist belt can be the perfect answer. It is the solution for many a photographer, professional or amateur, who is into trekking and outdoor photography.

Accessories to Include in The Above Camera Bags

Camera bags with many pockets are useful to keep accessories separated and easy to find. We will want access to things quickly when we need it to enhance our photography.

We may decide on a longer lens or one that offers panoramic capabilities and these can both be an available option to us in our camera bag.

Spare batteries are essential to carry in a camera bag. This may simply be a spare charged powerpack to swap over when the other one runs low. We never want to run out of battery power and miss capturing that perfect shot.

The memory cards will be what digital photographers store all of their photographs on. Despite their increasing capacities, it does not hurt to have some spare ones to hand. If you take videos as well as still photographs, then you will appreciate them. Always go for 32MB at least when video space is needed.

Lens wipes will help us to keep dust and grime off the lens. This will mean that our image is not ruined by our lens having a different view already on it.

Tripods can be included in your main accessory bag but also a separate tripod bag can be purchased.

What is the Best Type of Camera Bag for Me?

Choosing the best type of camera bag is about weighing up how the different pockets can work for you. Studying the above selections, think about what might work best for you. You can go for one bag that carries everything or consider two bags. You may find it better to find one bag that fits all.

It is good to know that there is such a selection of camera bags out there for those who enjoy photography. Your circumstances and how much you are outdoors might be the factor that influences your decision.

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