3 Special Ways to Commemorate Your Loved Ones

Grief is a peculiar thing; the feelings of loss, sadness and sorrow can grow and shrink from day to day, with no real linear path for healing. Going through the death of a loved one is hard and there’s no right or wrong way for dealing with it. And while funerals are the traditional route for saying your final goodbyes, sometimes that doesn’t feel substantial or long-lasting enough.

Once the funeral is over, you don’t need to end their story there. While your loved one may no longer have a physical presence, their spirit lives on and it’s possible to keep that alive. Commemorating the loss of someone close to you can actually be a cathartic experience that helps you to move past the rollercoaster of grief you’re enduring. Here are three special ways to pay tribute to your loved ones. Forevory will help you keep your loved one’s memories. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere you are. Thus, here are three special ways to pay tribute to your loved ones.

Frame something unique

It can be bittersweet being surrounded by reminders of who you’ve lost, but framing something of theirs is personal and thoughtful. This might be a belonging you kept, something you inherited or an item of sentimental value. A handwritten letter or note, for example, is a lovely idea because handwriting is unique to that person — no one else will ever have exactly the same style, or even be able to replicate it.

When you think of these items, it’s likely you imagine a ready-made design from a nearby homeware store that is bog-standard and lacking personality. This is where the professional framers come in, who can help make your mementos that extra bit special. London-based company Soho Frames, for instance, has a range of unique frames to offer clients, “no matter what kind of artwork or item it is”. They go “beyond 2D artwork like prints, photos and posters” to create “a unique frame that is designed to your exact needs.” Whether that’s a special piece of clothing, like a sports shirt or a family heirloom, hanging it in your home will help keep the memories of your loved one alive.

Plant a tree

The traditional funeral and memorial service might not be the tribute you want to pay to your loved one. Instead, planting a tree in their honour is a lovely gesture, allowing family and friends to always have a spot to return to whenever they’d like — giving you all a therapeutic activity with a purpose. Pick their favourite tree (or one that best represents them) to create a permanent memorial that also supports and enriches the environment.

You can plant a memorial tree yourself, for example, in a relative’s garden or in a park they loved, though you’ll likely need permission for this from your local council authority. However, if you choose a family member’s backyard, it may be worthwhile considering whether the property will always be in your family. You could also extend the gesture by giving out seeds or saplings to funeral attendees to plant their own tree.

Another option is to select an organisation that offers this memorial service. Life for a Life has designated locations all over the UK where they dedicate a tree in memory of someone. This helps contribute to the development and maintenance of a woodland area at the same time as supporting other charitable causes, and providing a welcoming, nurturing memorial spot.

Donate to a charity in their name

Let your loved ones’ kindness live on by making a charitable donation in their name. Perhaps they were involved with a charity in the past, supported a non-profit for personal reasons, or it might be the case that you want to return the favour to an organisation that helped them during their life.

A donation — big or small —will be appreciated, and allow the charity in question to continue making progress and change lives for others. Depending on the charity you pick, you can make a one-off donation or set up a regular direct debit to ensure your continued support.

You can go even further by creating an online fundraising page where anyone can donate if they wish. This can act as a memorial and deepen awareness for the subject matter relating to the organisation, whether that be a long-term illness, a social issue like homelessness, or mental health problems.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.