Destination Weddings: Most Beautiful Destinations Across the World… and Some Ideas

You’ve finally met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, family and friends from both sides are all gathered to celebrate the most important day of your life. Now all that’s missing is the perfect place for you to say, “I do.” Your wedding will take a lot of planning and the first thing you’ll probably have to think of is where to tie the knot.

There are a lot of wedding destinations that you will check out and each will have its pros and cons. It will also depend on what theme you want. If you want a beach wedding, a Montego-Bay Wedding destination in Jamaica maybe? For a rustic vineyard theme, you might wanna check out Tuscany.

Getting married is a serious commitment that you must be tied to for the rest of your life. Some would choose to tie the knot in their local church with as many people as they can invite, while others choose to celebrate away from home in their dream destination.

Whether it is a beach with the relaxing sound of waves crashing against the sand, a high up valley with a good view of the mountains, a big city, or even a small part of the countryside, it is highly important for you to choose the location that speaks to you in the most sentimental and romantic way.

There is no limit to the number of locations available in the world, but of course, there is only a select few that offer the best experience with the best view, ambience, and climate that cater to your interests.

In choosing a place, one must consider these few details that will help make your wedding day an unforgettable one not only by you but your guests as well.

Find Your Vision

Think about how you want your wedding to look aesthetically. Usually, looking at previous wedding videos could help you pick up a few pegs that you may use as inspiration. Keep in mind, however, to add a little personal touch to your vision in order for it to resonate your own unique personality and authentic placement as a couple to the guests.

Aside from wedding videos, visiting art galleries and museums could help you get in touch with your artistic side and may even spark new ideas that you had never thought of before.

Have a concept in mind and think creatively on how to execute this in the most aesthetically pleasing way. It may be important to hear from your wedding planner, but don’t forget to push for the things that you want as well because it is after all your special day.

Handle Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on this? There is more to a wedding than just its venue and what the bride is going to wear. Smaller details such as flowers, catering, and production design, are one of the things that couples forget when planning. Categorize each expense and indicate how much you are willing to spend for that portion of the wedding on average. Afterwards, research on the possible markets that could cater to your wedding and adjust the said prices close to its range. This method ensures that you are not overspending, which will definitely have an allotted amount saved for your honeymoon.

Wedding Date

There is a huge burden riding on the date of your wedding. This factor indicates how your entire theme is going to be adapted, the attire of the attendees, and the venue location itself. Despite planning wedding dates ahead of time, no matter how early they are, the weather remains unpredictable. It is impossible to control the weather, but predictions are your best bet in this situation. A rainy day would not be best for a beach wedding, and an awfully hot day is not best for a tropical wedding. You want to avoid discomfort as much as possible. Outdoor weddings have the most riding on wedding dates, so make sure to choose a season that best suits the venue you wish to have it in.

Having stated these, here are a few wedding destination options that you could consider booking.

1. Montego

Along the Caribbean shores, Montego possesses one of the best wedding destinations in the world. Do you want a classic but elegant beach wedding? Why not try a Montego-Bay Wedding destination in Jamaica. This city has a relaxing and peaceful ambience to it during the day but also has a bustling nightlife.  The catering is well taken care of thanks to the exotic cuisine that Montego offers. Montego is also perfect for both young partygoers and professionals who are just looking for some peace and quiet so you wouldn’t have a problem with your guests complaining that there’s nothing for them to do.

2. Hawaii

Speaking of beach weddings, Hawaii is a place too good to not put on the list. Ranging from vast landscapes to beaches, it is difficult to decide what to do first upon visiting. Hawaii is also famous for being a top wedding destination due to their resorts, which caters specially for Hawaiian weddings. Therefore event planners are definitely going to take care of making your day look extra special. The weather is almost always perfect, and they have the best sunsets for all your wedding photos.

3. Tuscany

If you are a fan of unique architecture, fields, and vineyards, Tuscany is the best place for you. These outdoor weddings have very green scenery and pleasant weather. It is best to find a spot here that overlooks the Tuscan hills and guaranteed it isn’t difficult to find one.

4. Rome

This classic city is best for couples who enjoy walking down streets filled with history. Wedding photos are sure to look good since Rome is filled with iconic places such as the Colosseum, Trevi fountain, and the Vatican. In fact, there are multiple services available for having your Wedding in Rome, that even come in discount bundles. You’re sure to have a wedding just as timeless as the amount of history present within the city’s confines.

5. Siciliy

If you are still having trouble deciding between the destinations stated above, Sicily provides you with all elements from beaches, to mountains, to a volcano. Not to mention its exotic cuisine from its fresh marine waters. Architecture is another thing which captures attention to this city. Castles and churches designed in Byzantine artworks make these structures very unique.

Destination weddings are generally more intimate than locally based ones. Aside from the love of travelling and for the sake of having a good time, couples feel a resonance with the location of their choice, making their wedding even more special. Despite the cost, getting your money’s worth by spending on the people you care about is what makes the expense more worth it since quality is more essential than quantity.

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