Say Hello to Travltalk: The New Tinder for Travel (Without the Pretence)

For the millions of millennials travellers setting off travelling around the world, meeting likeminded people to share their adventures is as much a part of the experience as the destinations themselves. They want to look beyond the confines of package holidays, dig deeper than the top-reviewed TripAdvisor experiences, rip up the suggested itinerary and enjoy an adventure that is as unique as they are, while making new friends along the journey.

Now, an innovative new location-based mobile app called Travltalk is connecting people through their passion for travel and world discovery. Travltalk is a bit like Tinder for bucket lists – users simply swipe through ‘cards’ posted by others to see what they would like to do.

Fancy a trip to the floating market in Bangkok? Like to meet a fellow foodie to try out the new vegan restaurant in New York together? Want to split a ride from London to Glastonbury? Want to sell on your surfboard now you’re leaving Bondi? Travltalk brings people together to meet, sell and split, to make it happen.

Built to be simple and intuitive enough to organise travel plans on the go.

Travltalk includes functionality, such as:

Create Cards: Design adventures to share with others. Suggest ideas from your travel bucket list. Choose the dates and times that suit you best.

Swipe and Filter: Discover a city with other travellers in the same location. Filter between people who want to meet up, split the cost of activities or sell items they no longer need.

Star and Chat: Star cards to save them as you swipe. Get to know people who suggest ideas you like, and plan your adventure in the city together.

Plan Ahead: Want to make plans before you travel? Upgrade to our monthly Premium subscription to swipe and create cards in any location.

Travltalk was created for people who believe that adventures are better shared. It is helping to connect travellers who want to play by their own rules, make lasting friendship and discover authentic experiences as they travel to new cities.

Where can you find Travltalk?

Travltalk is free and available now on the App Store and Google Play. For more information see

Amy Packham

Amy is an NCTJ-qualified journalist. She works full-time as an editorial assistant on PTA+ Magazine writing about fundraising and education. She also freelances for her local magazine in Sussex as the community journalist. Amy enjoys freelancing about lifestyle topics such as careers, health, travel and relationships.