How to Get a Dreamy Bum for Summer

A dreamy derrière is the ultimate goal for many but the route to achieving it shouldn’t just comprise of squats and lunges. No matter the size or shape of your behind currently, achieving an enviable rear is well within everyone’s reach if you simply apply a cocktail of hard work and dedication.

We worked with personal trainer Steve Ahern, who devised the Do The Unthinkable, a 12 week diet and fitness plan, and he revealed the exercises we should all be doing to boast a bootilicious bum this summer.

Many believe that the only way to achieve a toned bum is to squat and lunge repeatedly, but there are a large number of accessible exercises that will all contribute to you achieving a bottom that even Beyoncé would be proud of. From deadlifts and back extensions to leg curls and hip thrusts, a diverse routine will help hit all the core areas associated with a good bum whilst keeping your workout varied and exciting.

Steve Ahern, PT, said: “One of the most common goals for people – particularly women – is to achieve a round, toned rear and many people – even trainers – automatically think that squatting is the answer.

“There’s a lot of focus too on leg extensions, leg presses, and leg curls, but by prioritising these movements, women may find that they’re developing thighs bigger than what they would desire as there’s not enough focus on the glutes specifically.”

Steve told us that lots of people are using the step mill for glute sculpting too, but this cardio exercise doesn’t burn fat in the glute and hamstring area (back of the legs). Of course, these exercises have huge benefits, but there are other things you should be combining to target the right areas and make your workout extra effective – like lifting weight, and lifting them hard, heavy and smart.

“Lunges, deadlifts and back extensions are all really useful, but they need to be properly taught and executed so if you’re not sure, consult a professional.” Steve explains. “Also try adding in hip thrusts at least twice a week to work alongside your usual squatting, deadlifting, lunging and back extensions (done in the glute dominant execution).

“Start off doing heavier sets with rep ranges from 3-8, before moving on to some lighter weight with rep ranges in the 8-12 range and then finish with light weight in the 12-20 rep range.”

Amy Smith

With a degree in English Literature from the University of Cambridge, Amy is a freelance writer and columnist. At YCB Magazine, she writes about all things lifestyle, travel & wellness.