The UK’s Best Cycling Routes

The UK has seen a 23.8 per cent rise in British holidaymakers opting for a staycation as oppose to travelling abroad. As Britain heads into summer, much of the nation will be getting on their bikes to partake in holiday activities and enjoy some of the country’s most scenic routes. Here, the UK leaders in electric bikes, E-Bikes Direct, give us the low down on the most awe-inspiring cycling routes in the UK for both seasoned riders and those new to riding.

Southern Snowdonia

A great route for an experienced cyclist, the Llanberis Pass presents views from the highest mountain in Wales. Tremadog Bay holds some impactful sea views and the roads that surround Cader Idris see some of the best cycling in the whole of Snowdonia.  

If you are seeking routes that are less strenuous but still want to enjoy some breath-taking sights, the town Dolgellau is famed for its ‘cycle breaks’ centre that consists of a range of both on and off-road routes. The centre has mountain bike routes for all abilities. Read blogs by to discover more amazing mountain bike routes.

Whatever trail or route you decide upon, using an electric bike is an excellent place to start. Folding electric bikes are super-convenient for leisure travellers, such as motorhome and narrowboat owners. E-bikes hold an electric motor that assists you with cycling so in turn will allow the rider to cover more distance than usual enabling them to encounter hills and tough terrain with ease making the inclines of the Snowdonia Mountains feel like the flat routes of Mawddach.

New Forest

New Forest is the perfect destination to get the most from the likes of an electric bike. New Forest is full of Ancient Woodland, heaths and picturesque villages as well as miles and mile of car free approved trails.

Cycles through the New Forest can lead the rider to free roaming ponies and cattle. For the more advanced cyclist, New Forest offers long distance routes that are all off road and somewhat more turbulent.


The Camel Trail, Cornwall attracts more than 350,000 cyclists every year. The 17-mile trail lays beside River Camel from Poley’s Bridge to Padstow. The route is ideal for those new to cycling, families and those that ride electric bikes and wish to ride through flat roads at a greater speed.

London and Surrey

If you are living the city life but wish to gain some serenity and escape the hustle and bustle, then a cycle route beginning at Putney and driving through to Weybridge and Surrey may be perfect for you.

The 18-mile route mostly consists of riverside paths that are flat the whole way through. If 18 miles is a little long for you then you can cut the route down to 9 miles by beginning the ride at Kingston Upon Thames and ride straight through to Weybridge.  

Box Hill Olympic Circuit – London

A must see at the 2012 Olympic Games, the Box Hill Olympic circuit has become a highlight location for cyclists. The scenic route is arguably one of south east England’s most accessible routes.

Laying across 19km of rustic roads, the pathways loop holds amazing views of the river mole whilst its climb is the perfect stamina test for both cycling pros and beginners.

Hampton Court

Hampton Court to London’s Putney is a fantastic route for beginners as it begins at Hampton Court Palace and then pasts through Teddington Lock into Richmond Park.  The route is perfectly flat with some great charming riverside paths.

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