7 Tips For Taking Instagram-worthy Pictures on Holiday

With Instagram becoming one of the most popular social apps of the decade, it only means that travel photography is becoming more competitive than ever, with people looking to stun, shock and make their followers green with envy with photo updates of their latest intrepid adventures. 

This week, we have teamed up with the experts at Property Turkey to give you 7 tips for taking that perfect ‘Insta-worthy’ shot.

1. Use the Golden Hour

The golden hour is a timeslot occurring just after sunrise and just before sunset. This is when the sky is redder and softer than other times of the day. Amazing sunrises and sunsets happen all over the world, so when combined with the golden hour, you have quite a bit of time to capture some dramatic and breathtaking shots.

2. Lighting is Key

Every avid photographer knows that good lighting is key when it comes to capturing the perfect shot. Whether you’re shooting outside, inside, at night or in the day you will want to make sure you have the correct lighting which works for those types of shots. Night-time shooting can prove more difficult as you will need to invest in a proper camera which captures night-time shots clear such as a night’s sky full of stars.

3. Know your Focus Point

As you explore the country you are visiting, many people, buildings, moments or day-to-day items, which will make an interesting Instagram photo will come into view. Make them the main topic of your picture by tapping them on the screen to get the camera to focus for 100% sharpness.

4. Check Opening Times

While lots of people in a photograph portray real life as it is, if you want to get a snapshot of landmark buildings, crowds distract from the main topic. Check opening times of popular attractions and go first thing in the morning when there are barely any crowds or tour buses.

5. Think About Themes

The perfect Instagram shot comes from understanding your theme, do you want your pictures to be bright and bold, or soft and subtle? Cities such as Istanbul, New York and Mumbai hold a lot of colour and bright backdrops, so these areas would be perfect to visit if you have a vibrant and urban Instagram travel feed, whereas beach locations such as tranquil islands may suit a more neutral and easy on the eye feed.

6. Find the Perfect Backdrop

Finding the perfect backdrop for your image can make or break your shot, you will want to make sure you find the right setting and area to suit the type of photo you’re taking. In most cases a beach backdrop can work wonders for that paradise shot, or if you’re looking for something a little cooler then why not use a mural or a landmark as a backdrop. However, if you need more help for your photos to stand out, then services like Boudoir Photography is specially made for you.

7. Use Editing Apps for the Finishing Touches

No photo is truly ready to be posted online unless it’s been touched up slightly from a photo editing application. There are many to choose between such as Afterlight and Vintage Cam, however the app called Lightroom allows you to edit your image thoroughly and sharpen the focal point, ensuring it’s perfected.

Riya Sander

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