5 Reasons to Tour the UK This Summer

5 reasons to tour the UK this summer

There’s no denying that backpacking across Europe or travelling long-haul to see the sights down under is a thoroughly enriching experience. But thanks to a broad spectrum of exquisite landscapes, rich heritage and characterful culture, we think it’s time to celebrate the Great British staycation!

In a time of EU uncertainty and low exchange rates, it’s no surprise that the population is thinking again about interrailing around Europe in a bid for a holiday that’s a little closer to home. Today, we’ll be giving you even more reason to grab the keys to your motorhome and tour the UK!

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1. The stunning scenery

The UK may be a small island, but what it lacks in land mass it more than makes up for in diversity. At no point in the UK will you find yourself more than a two-hour journey from the sea – so whether you’re in the rural highlands or exploring urban areas, you really can see it all.

It’s that famous Great British weather which cultivates the country’s rich and luscious natural landscape – so embrace the climate and don’t let the need for a pac-a-mac stop you from exploring the UK. As well as its outstanding natural beauty, the densely populated metropolises scattered throughout the country are also a sight to behold. A fantastic and unique history of British architecture means that you’ll see everything from thatched cottages and stately cathedrals to majestic modern skyscrapers – creating a cityscape like no other.

2. The Great British festival

The UK’s music festival scene is world-renowned, and the likes of Glastonbury and Bestival embrace the British camping experience like no other country. The risk of rain, storms and flooding are all part and parcel – and UK festival-goers welcome the mud in true British spirit. With the popularity of music festivals growing each year, ‘glamping’ continues to increase in popularity – meaning you can now choose to trade the authentic camping experience for something a little more comfortable. You can avoid missing out on a single moment by pre-booking a teepee for a taste of ‘boutique camping’ or bringing your own motorhome or touring caravan.

3. Celebrating city breaks

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The relatively small size of the UK makes the country’s best city spots easily accessible by road. Short travel distances make weekend city breaks a great way to see all the best bits. The bustling capital city of London is always a hive of activity, and is well-known for being one of the world’s greatest cities – but there’s a lot on offer outside of the capital, and touring the UK offers an ideal means of soaking up all that the towns and cities across Britain have to offer.

From Glasgow’s dynamic arts scene and the Manchester’s indie culture credentials to Bath’s historic architecture and thermal Roman baths, each UK city has something completely unique to offer its visitors.

4. Rich historic heritage

The history of the British Isles means that today’s visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to educating themselves on the country’s rich heritage. From the prehistoric Britons, Gaels, Celts and Picts right through to the Vikings, Romans and Normans, the country has been shaped by conquerors and migrants – giving Britain its multicultural roots and fascinating history of diversity.

Monarchist or not, at the heart of the UK is the Royal Family. Tourists across the globe are fixated on the British monarchy – and with members of the House of Windsor living on country estates across the UK, a visit to past and present palaces is a must-see.

5. A culture of inspiring literature

The multifaceted English language is built on a wide range of cultural and historical influences. Visitors travel internationally to the UK on a literary pilgrimage to see the landscapes that inspired classic authors for themselves. The legacy of Britain’s world-class authors is flourishing more than ever – and with performances of literature in Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon home, and exhibitions open in the Brontë Parsonage in rural Yorkshire, a celebration of English literature can be found throughout your UK road trip.

This beautiful island has so much to offer both national and international visitors of all tastes. Take a road trip and tour the very best parts of Britain – you’ll be overwhelmed by all of the things you’ll find to see and do. Join the staycation revolution and make the UK your tourist destination this summer.

By: Chantel Stevenson