Top Tips For Making Your Money Go Further at University

Top tips for making your money go further at University

Top tips for making your money go further at University

During our college years, it usually conjures up images of ramen noodles for every meal, counting pennies at the super market, and some of the best times of our lives. College can be a great part of our lives both during and while looking back. But money can be a huge factor, especially if it’s incredibly tight and you’re worried about grades or completing that paper on time while working three jobs. So what are some ways to make your money go even further when it’s already stretched enough?

1. Buy generic, unless absolutely necessary: Doing this at the supermarket may not seem like it’ll save a lot of money, but in the long run, all those little savings add up. Obviously in regards to medication or anything necessary, if you can only use name brand, then go for it.

2. Walk, bike, or use public transportation: Not only does this get you outside and enjoying the outdoors, but can also keep you in shape and save money at the same time while you’re running errands, out with friends, or running late to class. Also, invest in a Rail Card too. They usually offer some form of discount for students, which’ll definitely help when time is tighter than your money.

3. Make your meals at home: It’s also healthier and can save money on those expensive dining hall meals that are often packed with extra things that do no magic for you. And you’ll learn a valuable skill too!

4. Utilize student discounts: If you have your student ID with you and are out & about, more often than not, restaurants and places have some form of discount for you. Cha-ching!

5. Go used! Books are expensive and you’ll sell them back at the end of the semester anyway so why spend the extra money on new books? Buy them used or rent them from book rental sites. Just make sure they’re the right ones!

6. Research exempt taxes: If you live with fellow classmates, do your research but you may qualify for some exceptions that will actually save you money on rent.

7. Exercise on the cheap: Free gym trials, coupon sites, or even a walk around the block are great ways to get in shape but are also great for your bank account!

8. Find flexible jobs that work around your class schedule: You’ll always have a crazy schedule but there’s nothing quite like having money actually going into your bank account.

And there you have it! Eight ways to help tackle your tight finances during university and making it go even further than you thought was possible.

What are some of your tips that worked during university? Let us know in the comments below!

Dana Zillgitt

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