The Romantasy Fiction Inspiring Millions of #BookTok Wedding Days

Thanks to TikTok, reading has never been more popular if the more than 202 billion video views on content tagged with #BookTok are anything to go by. 

And it seems the romantic fantasy fiction genre is inspiring may of these book lovers’ beyond just their imaginations, as millions of book lovers are taking their love of literature to the next level by consuming videos full of #FantasyWedding ideas.

Experts at leading free wedding planning website have analysed the tagged videos for the most popular fantasy fiction series’ influencing literary lovers’ big days.

1. Harry Potter

With a whopping 46.3 million views on the tag #HarryPotterWedding, the children’s fantasy fiction series set in the wizarding world is unsurprisingly the most popular series to inspire book lovers and their non-traditional weddings.

To get the Harry Potter look, couples are choosing wedding music inspired by soundtracks from the many film adaptations and stately Hogwarts-esque venues for their big days, wedding colour schemes inspired by the four Hogwarts House colours, and finger food styled on the magical food and drink from the stories. Guest favours include edible Golden Snitches, or a personalised wand – always a crowd pleaser.

2. Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling books ever written, with over 150 million copies sold worldwide, which explains why more than 11.6 million fans of the high-fantasy novel by English author J. R. R. Tolkien are seeking inspiration from #LOTRWedding content on TikTok for their wedding days.

To get the look, fans of the fantasy fiction series include touches from Middle Earth in their big days through nature-inspired woodland decor, ethereal fashion choices and wedding bands styled by the iconic ring. In some cases, couples are going as far as using the language created for the series to officiate their nuptials. 

3. A Song of Ice and Fire 

The series of epic fantasy novels by American author and screenwriter George R. R. Martin began with A Game of Thrones, and has since seen four additional stories added with two more to come. Fans of both the novels and TV adaptations have taken their love of the dynastic war between the families of Westeros a step further, as TikTok views for #GOTWedding content has amassed over 5.5 million views.

To get the look, Game of Thrones fans might include nods to their house allegiance through faux fur capes and throws, dark colour palettes and moody decor, and fantasy fashion choices fit for kings and queens.

4. A Court of Thorns and Roses

This adult fantasy series, and the second in the list by author Sarah J. Maas, follows the journey of a mortal woman in the faerie lands, and the epic love story that ensues. On TikTok, fans of the romance have racked up more than 3.4 million views for content tagged #ACOTARWedding.

To get the look, fans of the five-part series are leaning into the moody tones of the Night Court by choosing dark and gothic bridal fashion, heavy metal jewellery set with gemstones, and floral arrangements full of deep, wintery tones. Spring Court lovers are choosing more whimsical vibes, leaning into ethereal fashion and pastel-hued decorations.

5. Throne of Glass

With a whopping 775.3 thousand TikTok views on the tag #ThroneOfGlassWedding, the high fantasy novel series by American author Sarah J. Maas is the 5th most popular fantasy fiction series to inspire book lovers and their non-traditional weddings.

To get the look, fans of the teenage assassin are including popular elements from the books such as wedding bands and bridal crowns covered in thorns, bespoke suiting in the style of the assassin’s armour, and a dark yet ethereal overall vibe.

Zoe Burke, leading wedding expert at says: “Books have always been a source for inspiration for many couples, but it feels like it’s at fever pitch right now as the BookTokkers go wild for the ideas spawned from the love of their shared literary loves.

“With more than 9.8 million views for the TikTok tag #LibraryWedding, it seems that choosing to get married surrounded by a couple’s shared passion is a pretty popular option too.

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