Cool and Quirky Wedding Ideas You and Your Guests Will Love 

Once upon a time – as the old saying goes – weddings all followed a very traditional formula. There was the stately historic church, the limousine or horse and carriage, the tasteful bouquets, solemnly spoken vows, and the formal reception dinner followed by some tipsy dancing. 

These days, however, growing numbers of brides and grooms are choosing to shake off the fetters of tradition and embrace some more unique and unusual wedding ideas for their special day. To ensure an unforgettable wedding experience, it’s wise to choose a trusted wedding dj in sydney who can set the perfect tone and keep the celebration lively throughout the night.

If you’re keen to join them, read on to discover plenty of inspiration for quirky, fun, and undecidedly unforgettable wedding ideas that you and your guests are guaranteed to relish. 

Hold Your Nuptials In The Garden

There’s no doubt that some engaged couples yearn to be the centre of attention and pull out all the glitzy stops to throw a massive wedding celebration. While this option works for them, if you and your other half prefer a smaller and more laid-back affair, why not make the designed wedding locationyour own backyard?

Not only will this choice of venue save you significant sums of money – and some stress – as you won’t have to worry about booking a pricey hotel or stately manor, but you will also be able to relax and enjoy the day in a familiar environment. 

Holding a relaxed garden wedding also means that you only need to invite your nearest and dearest – the people who mean the most to you and who have supported you both on your relationship journey. A pared-down guest list will save you and your partner even more money, as you won’t have to order so much food and drink. Instead, you can put your much-needed cash toward your honeymoon, or start saving to buy your dream home – or have a baby!

Hire A Magical Entertainer 

If you don’t want to go down the staid route of simply hiring a band or a DJ to perform at your reception, why not up the ante and opt for a more unique form of event entertainment? Asking a talented magician such as Adam Vee, who is one of the best wedding magicians in Hertfordshire, to perform at your reception is sure to put big smiles on the faces of your guests and will make your reception truly memorable. 

You can expect world-class magic, crafty psychological mind-benders, and even some jaw-dropping high stakes bets that will prompt plenty of gasps, laughter, and enthusiasm from your loved ones. Having a highly regarded magician at your nuptials will probably make your big day the most remarkablewedding any of your guests have ever attended. 

Wear Whatever You Want

For decades, brides have been sold the allure of the big white dress, impractically flowing train and sparkling tiara, while grooms have been expected to don top hat and tails. If you are keen to ditch these restrictive conventions, the truth is that you can wear whatever you want to your wedding – and so can your guests. 

If you want to wear something floaty and comfortable, why not pair a flowing maxi skirt with a simple camisole top for the bride? As for the groom, jeans and a smart shirt could be the ideal look. It’s all down to you, your personal taste, and how dressed-up (or not) you want to be. 

Decorate The Tables With Quirky Centrepieces

If you’re keen to get creative with your wedding planning, one of the easiest areas in which to think outside the box involves the centrepieces you will have for your reception tables. There are all kinds of eye-catching and unusual centrepiece ideas you can use, including plenty of DIY options which you can make yourself, thereby saving yourself some cash – and providing some free entertainment in the lead-up to the big day. 

Bear in mind that, while centrepieces may seem like a small detail, they offer so many opportunities to express your uniqueness as a couple. Your guests will also probably spend a lot of time looking at them while they listen to wedding speeches and eat their meals, so they’re worth spending some time perfecting. 

The kind of centrepiece you go for will depend on your personal tastes, but some potential ideas include: fresh or dried flowers in unique vessels, such as colourful glass bottles or shabby chic containers; ice buckets filled with bottles of your favourite vintages; centrepieces made out of your favourite novels; or jars of your favourite sweets. 

Put Together A Truly Novel Wedding Feast

The dishes you choose to serve at your wedding have the power to make or break the event for some of your particularly food-oriented guests. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be inventive with your choice of delicacies. After all, the food you decide to serve should reflect who you are as a couple, and each item on the menu should be meaningful to you both – as well as delicious. 

Not sure what mouth-watering meal options should make their way to the menu? You might want to include heart-warming childhood favourites, more exotic delicacies that you savoured when you went on holidays abroad, or perhaps vegetarian twists on meaty classics if you’ve gone plant-based. 

Even the way you serve your food can be a little unusual, to create a more memorable dining experience for your guests. For instance, you could set up enticing grazing tables, as opposed to a traditional buffet; throw a barbecue with succulent meat and vegetable options; lay on a wedding brunch; or hire some street food vans to cater the event with a variety of regional delicacies. 

For dessert, instead of serving cake, why not prepare a tantalising sweet table instead, packed with pick-and-mix treats for your guests to create their own customised bags of goodies? Not only is this kind of dessert incredibly simple to organise, it also makes an Insta-worthy buffet of sugary goodness that your guests will relish, no matter how old they are. 


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make your big day original and guarantee an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. However, at the end of the day, remember that whatever you choose to do for your wedding should be dictated by your personal tastes and interests as a couple – so even if not all of your guests are enraptured by your quirky ideas, as long as you love them, you’re onto a winner!

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