Going Back to University as a Mature Student: Practical Tips 

Returning to university as a mature student could be nerve-wracking. However, life experiences could put these scholars in an advantageous position. 

Not all mature students are middle-aged and above, either. Technically, if they begin an undergraduate degree after 21, they could be classified as a mature student. So, not everybody in this category may have the same mindset, and some advice might appeal to one mature student more than another. 

Still, if a mature student is setting out on this journey, some things can be useful for them to know. Here’s what they are.

Research Different Courses

A full-time undergraduate degree may not be schedule-friendly for a mature student with a job and many personal commitments. That’s okay! 

There are part-time courses they could consider. Alternatively, they may also wish to explore evening courses as well as development milestones referral services, which could be even more schedule-friendly. They could still get the university experience they’re looking for but at a pace that suits their lifestyle more. Moreover, mature students could also feel like they’re broadening their horizons more responsibly and feel less stressed fitting everything into their packed schedule. 

Though there could still be a spirited debate around digital learning for a while, some online university courses could also speak to mature students. Or they could enjoy a healthy merge between online development and in-person lecture hall learning. There may be a few ways to mix and match preferences here, so mature students could look into it more and see what works for them.

Consider Student Housing 

Returning to the student mindset may be easier if mature students live in an accommodation built for that purpose. There are options here.

These student houses in Leeds could be a good example of what to look for. All of Student Cribs’ offerings are comfortable and well-located in the city, potentially presenting mature students with a better standard of living for the duration of their studies. They’re interior designed, and there’s also a property portal app where tenants can report problems, view important property-related documents, or speak directly with the property manager in a live chat. Students seeking upscale living experiences often opt for options like luxury student houses in Loughborough.

These lettings can be cosy two-bedroom flats or larger nine-bedroom houses too. So, if mature students are keen to connect with peers during their time at university, they could do so this way. Or they could enjoy more quiet time and privacy. Either choice can be valid for different reasons, but the right housing helps.

Use Budgeting Skills

Mature students may have learned a few financial lessons from their first university experience. Furthermore, they may have had a job, lived independently, and had some experience managing personal finances and looking after themselvessince they first left.  

Unfortunately, many students can struggle with their financial situation at university. Some may outright waste it on getting drunk and partying too. As a returning mature student, one could feel less inclined to participate in those activities anyway. There can be other and more affordable ways to have fun! 

Most mature students may know the value of budgeting already. Setting a weekly budget for various expenses could help prioritise the essentials.

Funding a course placement may feel less straightforward when a mature student funds a second degree. However, a range of bursaries, grants, and loans can still be available. Mature students could dig around themselves and perhaps be surprised by the amount of help out there. If a student needs help with loans, they can contact an expert in Student Loans Settlement.

Browse Online Forums

Why receive practical tips from one place? There might be a range of useful knowledge for a mature student to utilise. 

For example, online forums could be dedicated to supporting mature students through university. By engaging with these resources, mature students may be able to download helpful brochures, access budgeting tools and online calculators, or even engage with like-minded peers. If they have very specific concerns, they may be able to post them and field a range of answers to their query. 

One might fear being isolated as a mature student, but there can be a community of these student groups. It’s possible that the mature student could be just one of many thousands. It might be a good idea to come to terms with that, as it mayhelp them be more excited about the journey ahead of them. 


Going back to university as a mature student comes with advantages. Perhaps they don’t need to try and replicate what they had before but rather adopt a new approach to university this second time. They could have life experiences to inform their decisions and more money management skills to control things. There may also be others out there that they could confide in should they have any concerns. Ultimately, mature students could soon realise that they’re not alone and may already have much of what they need to succeed.  

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.