He Said Yes! 73% of British Men Would Say Yes if Their Partner Proposed

He said yes! 73% of British men would say yes if their partner proposed

73% of British men would say yes if their girlfriend proposed

Every fourth February, something strangely magical happens. The shortest month of the year magically sprouts another day and people go bonkers. Completely unsure of what to do with the additional day. But there’s a tradition that’s been around since the 12th century where, on this extra day, women can instead propose to their gentleman callers and get down on one knee. True, it may seem like some gimmicky tradition or something to joke around at, but perhaps the funnier thing is, more and more people are actually considering participating in this tradition more than just once every four years. Because it turns out, about 73% of men in the UK would actually consider saying yes if the roles were reversed and a woman popped the question instead. At least, according to a study done by a group called Red7, who throws singles parties and weekend getaways in hopes of creating an unforgettable experience, in more ways than one.

In that same study of over 2000 people in the UK, they also found that 47% of women surveyed have or would consider popping the question. Especially with the coming Leap Day on February 29th, women are considering participating in the age old tradition and mixing up an insanely important step in any romantic relationship.

Women considering proposing on Leap Day

So why is this classic step all of a sudden getting a gender reversal? Why is it becoming more and more acceptable now? Maybe it’s because people are considering more equal relationships or maybe because more couples are discussing marriage before a sudden surprise proposal that comes out of left field and is unexpected. Plus, who doesn’t love a tradition that’s from the land of the Irish and leprechauns? It’s pretty romantic once you think about it.

Furthermore, the study shows that 65% of men surveyed thought the idea that  they were the ones to get down on one knee was outdated, old fashioned, and even a little sexist. Man, times sure are a changing aren’t they? Plus, that’s got to suck for those with bad knees. Doesn’t it?

Anyway, moving on. Leap Day proposals and women getting down on one knee is a prime example of throwing caution to the wind and saying to tradition that it doesn’t matter, when it comes to love at least. Because every four years, on the last day of February, we say that it matters not who’s supposed to pop the question. It says that love is the most important and if it’s in the realm of possibility for your relationship and taking it to the next level, consider this tradition. It’ll be a story for the ages and a surprise in the sea of winter wonderlands and Christmas time proposals. It’ll be a story that you’ll want to tell time and time again, as any proposal story should make you want to.

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