London Fashion Week Beauty Survival Guide

London Fashion Week Beauty Survival Guide

London Fashion Week Beauty Survival Guide

Ah fashion week is almost up on us! And although it may look like pure glamour from the outside, London Fashion Week can be quite an exhausting and testing experience, especially for first timers! Running between shows, battling a busy rush hour tube, trying to find a spot to secretly change your flats for heels, getting caught up in the English weather (drowned rat is on trend this year right?) and then coming back home to do it all again the next morning.

Yes, it can be quite a week! Preparation is key, and as long as you have your schedule laid out, your outfits at the ready and solid timekeeping skills you *should* come out the other side just fine. One factor you might want to consider is what you’ll be popping into your handbag, AKA your survival kit.

Alongside your smartphone, notebook, diet coke and approximately 7 million lip balms you’ll need a few little extras to ensure that your fashion week look stays in place. After all, if you’re heading down with hopes of being papped for a Street Style feature you’ll want to look your best. So with that in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate beauty survival kit, to keep you in tact for LFW! You can thank us later.

London Fashion Week Beauty Survival Guide

Pure Cold Collagen Mini

Gold Collagen Mini Pure

The perfect handbag size, this little gem will keep your skin hydrated throughout LFW. The tube and dirty polluted air isn’t exactly a recipe for perfect skin so it’s important you keep it topped up with this little liquid beauty supplement.

RRP: £35.99

Christophe Robin Regenerating Hair

Christopher Robin Hair Finish Lotion

Late nights and early starts mean that hair washing can be tricky to fit into your busy fashion week schedule, but fear not! This Christophe Robin regenerating hair lotion with hibiscus vinegar cleanses your hair to get rid of any grease leaving your hair on top form in-between washes! Phew.

RRP £36

Louise Young Lip Brush

Louise Young Lip Brush

Quick lippie applications whilst trying to run to your next show with iPhone in hand and coffee in the other can prove quite a challenge (trust us on that one). Make applications smoother with this Louise Young lip brush for the perfect pout. Mwah!

RRP £10

Ferrari Noble Fig

This androgynous scent is the perfect fragrance for fashion week, light and refreshing this is sure to make an impact on anyone you meet. Perfect for freshening up between shows, as let’s face it ‘eau de sweaty tube’ just isn’t chic.

RRP £65

skinChemists Studio Finish Primer

Skin Chemists Studio Finish Primer

Ensure your facial makeup stays put all day with a high quality studio finish primer. Not only does this primer give a flawless photo finish (perfect if you’re planning on getting snapped) this will also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

RRP £71

Carol Joy London Pure Collagen Spray

Carol Joy London Pure Collagen Spray

Described by Vogue as a ‘facial in a can’ this is definitely one to add to your fashion week make up bag. Enabling your skin to remain flawless, this 100% collagen spray has been clinically proven to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is your must-have saviour for the morning after a very late night fashion party.

RRP £100 

Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask

Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask

This gold collagen mask works wonders in treating tired skin, by offering pure radiance and an even skin tone. A mid fashion week skin pick me up, this will enable you to enjoy hydrated, healthy looking skin.

RRP £19.99

She Who Dares Dalliance Fragrance

SWD Dalliance parfum

A slightly more flirtatious scent, this perfume hits all the right notes. Fruity and floral, this scent is perfect for those who enjoy being a little more playful with their fashion choices! An ideal daytime fragrance for the fashion girls who take to the FROW.

RRP £32 

What will you be packing in your makeup bag this fashion week?

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