6 Reasons to Let Your Best Friend Be Your Matchmaker

6 reasons to let your best friend be your matchmaker

6 reasons to let your best friend be your matchmaker

Disastrous dates. Awkward Dates. Dates that just don’t have that spark.

The world of online dating can sometimes be a frustrating place. You’ve tried it all: swiping, liking, matching and even good old-fashioned browsing, and nothing seems to be working.

Through all of these trials and tribulations it’s your best friends and family as they know well about matchmakers for women who’ve helped you unpack and analyse every detail of your date, obsess over ambiguously worded messages and who’ve managed to cheer you up when it hasn’t quite worked out. So why not let them help out from the very start?

DateMy.co.uk have let us in on a couple of reasons why enlisting the matchmaking help of real life people rather than just algorithms (heaven forbid!) could be right for you.

1. You can gain a new perspective

Think that you’re funny, kind and exceptionally attractive? Or perhaps you struggle to find anything positive to say about yourself at all? Whether the former or the latter, or anything in between, having your profile written by others can be a huge help.

Your friends and family know the aspects of your personality that make you unique, and they can often provide new insights you might not have been aware of. A trusted matchmaker can sell your positive points to potential matches, and doesn’t have to worry about coming across too shy or overconfident on the profile.

2. It can be a weight off your shoulders

Some have the good fortune to walk into a bar and meet the love of their life, but many others aren’t quite so lucky. Whether you work long hours, have children to look after, or just have a hectic life, dating can become one more thing that you never quite get round to.

Many hands make light work, and letting a friend or family member take control can be an easy and effective way of continuing to dip your toe in the dating pool without sacrificing any treasured free time. You can avoid spending hours filling in profiles, and searching through countless potential matches, while still being active in the dating scene. Win-win!

3. Friends and family know you best

Your matchmaker knows your personality, and the people you’ve dated in the past. They know your sense of humour, your likes and dislikes and what you find attractive in a partner.

They also know where you have had problems. Close friends and family have been at your side when the relationships unfortunately haven’t worked out, and as your matchmakers they can help you avoid continuing any destructive relationship patterns.

4. They might pick a wildcard

We all think we know our ‘type’, which can sometimes mean we dismiss swathes of potential partners without giving them a real chance.

While it is important for your matchmaker to know which personal traits are an absolute must in your potential partner, you should in turn be open to their suggestions. If you’re willing to go to dates with an open mind then you never know what could happen.

By putting your love life in someone else’s hands you might start going on dates with people you would never normally have chosen, and who knows, they could turn out to be the perfect fit!

5. It’s a great way to re-enter dating!

Finding yourself single after being in a relationship for years can be quite a shock to the system. Whether divorced, widowed or at the end of a long-term partnership, unexpectedly facing a return to the dating scene can be an intimidating prospect.

Online matchmaking, whilst a relatively new concept, can be the ideal way to re-discover dating after a long period with another person. If your skills are a bit on the rusty side the best tactic might not be to charge straight into the nearest bar and start exchanging numbers with strangers.

Allowing your friends or family to build your profile will give your confidence a boost, and provide some helpful support and encouragement when you set off on that first date!

6. Your loved ones want you to be happy

Family and friends care, and want you to find a partner that makes you happy. Your matchmaker should be someone you can trust to make decisions in your best interest and who will prioritise your happiness.

Your matchmaker will understand your values, life goals and personality. They will know how you feel about family and what matters to you most in a prospective partner. If you are using a site specifically designed for matchmaking, then your matches not only have similar values and interests, but will have benefited from a similar support network.

Matchmaking is just one of a sea of potential online dating options, and with new sites being born at an impressive rate it’s understandable to wonder what sets this way of dating apart from the pack.

While internet romance can often be seen as a private process and the preserve of individuals, matchmaking can transform it into something much more inclusive and social. Whether you’re trying online dating for the first time or the hundredth, having a friend or family member act as your matchmaker can be a fun and rewarding experience.

So leave all the swiping, liking, matching and good old-fashioned browsing to your matchmaker, and save your time for much more important things…like falling in love!

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