Ocean Vibes: Bring a Touch of Seaside Into Your Kitchen

Ocean vibes: bring a touch of seaside into your kitchen

Portmerion's Coast Collection

As foodies, it may come as no surprise how much we adore trying new summer dishes. Plates, bowls, mugs, and other dinnerware items make us happier than clothes. Does that make us weird? So be it. Dishes and food easily evolve into an art of their own and we love setting the tone for dinner by choosing different designs to set the table.

During the summer, we find ourselves yearning for the ocean waves, sun and sand. Since getting there isn’t quite as easy as envisioning ourselves there, we would love to fill our homes with the bright, breezy feeling of the beach every day.

The seaside vibe of this tableware set is clean and classically mixed with nautical hues. Our favourite piece may be the large jug. Imagine the possibilities! You could serve fruit infused water, lemony tea, or even a signature cocktail in this heavy duty jug. You could also plop some fresh summer flowers in it for a beautiful arrangement.

Large dinner plates are especially fun and useful at parties where a variety of foods are offered. They can also serve as decorative chargers to set the tone of the party. There is plenty of space for a summer salad, juicy steak, and grilled vegetables to make a bright, colourful arrangement on a classic, predominantly white plate.

dinner plates from Portmerion Coast Collection

The small salad plates make wonderful appetizer plates.  They are perfect for colorful Italian bruschettas, buttery French bread, and even a selection of raw vegetables with creamy hummus for a more Middle Eastern vibe.

Salad bowls are perfect for large summer salads of any kind. Whether you prefer sweet salads with bright fruits, savory nuts, and light dressings or salads topped with various grated cheeses, tomatoes, and croutons, there is plenty of room in this beautiful bowl.

salad bowl from Portmerion Coast Collection

Everyone knows a good soup is the perfect complement to a nice salad. Gumbos, chowders, and even vegetarian creamed soups fit perfectly in the low bowl. How pretty would a pureed sweet potato soup look in that crisp white and blue hued bow?

To begin the dinner party in style, offer your guests some delicious spinach and artichoke dip in the adorable dip bowls. You could fill them with olives and cheese for other pre-party snacks. For dessert, the dip bowls can double as the perfect dish for sweet summer berries and a whipped cream topping to round out the dinner festivities.

dipping bowls from Portmerion Coast Collection

This Coast collection from Portmerion allows you to bring the seaside vibe into your home every day! Set the table for fun with this great set of dishes at your next party and sit back and relax in fresh, summer style.

Rainie Carter

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