Top Tips to Help Your Children Enjoy School More

Some children love school, some children hate it, some are bored by it, and some are indifferent. School is something that children have to attend, so it can be helpful to address any issues that they are facing. Whatever the case may be with your child, here are several ways to help them enjoy school more. 

Find out why they don’t like going to school

Communication is usually the key to solving many problems that people encounter in life quickly. The problem is that most people will, instead of asking questions, choose to assume, project or guess about the situation at hand. This can unfortunately be a common theme when it comes to why parents think their child is not enjoying school. It is generally fairly obvious to a parent when their child is not happy, but instead of assuming what the problem is, talk with them and find out what the matter is. This way you will be able to help put things into place to hopefully make their school more enjoyable. Not only this, but your child will see that you have noticed they are unhappy and engaged with them to try and remedy the issue. 

Speak to teachers and make sure their needs are being met 

Sometimes if a child is unhappy or struggling at school, it can stem from not having their needs met by their teacher or even the environment in which they are being taught. This can of course be due to learning difficulties that your child has, in which case extra steps and safeguards should be put in place. But even without learning difficulties, a person can still have different needs that require meetings, or perhaps there is a barrier between them and their teacher. Whatever that cause may be, there is never any harm in contacting the school to speak with your children’s teachers to see if their needs are being met, or if there is anything you can do to help make the time your child spends at school easier, and more enjoyable. After all, your teachers will have their own perspectives and may be able to shed a little light on the situation for you. 

Help them outside the classroom

Some children will have a harder time in school than others for many different reasons, from learning difficulties that have not yet presented themselves, to a lack of interest in the subject. It could also be the simple fact that the way things are being explained to them does not make sense. Something that you can do as a parent is spend a little time with your children outside of the classroom and look at different ways in which your child might enjoy learning more. For example, some children are more visual learners than others and an interactive format that explains the topic in a different way, like this five senses for kids video, may be more beneficial to your children, than having it explained to them or reading it from a book. 

Encourage them to make friends and social connections

School can be a scary and lonely place if you feel like you don’t fit in, or if you don’t have any friends. However, if you have a selection of friends and social connections the opposite is also true, and your time at school can end up being some of the best and most fun years of your life when you look back at it. So, a great way to help ensure that your children enjoy school is to encourage them to make friends and social connections. One way of doing this is to encourage them to participate in school activities. You can also see what kind of afterschool clubs and half term activities are offered and if any of them are of interest to your children. Let them play outside on synthetic grass surfaces for schools. This would be a great help for kids to keep them safe and comfortable while playing.

Help them channel their passions through education and towards their future 

If a person can’t see the point in doing something, then automatically there will be less enjoyment and purpose when it comes to that task or activity. A great way to help your children enjoy and get more out of school is to talk with them so that they can figure out what they are passionate about. You can then use this information to show your children the connection it has with the school. Assigning Chores for 7 year olds can be instrumental in fostering a sense of responsibility and teaching valuable life skills to children.

For example, if your child is interested in animals, then you can use that to help get them excited about subjects such as science, biology, and even geography, as all of these could be linked with working with animals in the future. If your child can start to make connections and see the stepping stones that education is laying out for them to pave their future, then they will automatically become more interested and engaged at school, therefore increasing their enjoyment of it. 

If you have children in school, then why not consider some of these ideas to make it more enjoyable for them?

Brenda Kimble

Brenda Kimble is an entrepreneur and mother of 2 daughters and a son, plus their beagle named Duke! She loves blogging, crafting, and spending time with her family.