Mums Loved Quality Time with Kids over Lockdown

Mums have had to take on numerous different roles during the pandemic, with many being tasked with home-schooling their children while working from home – but it’s great to see that even during these challenging times, there have been many moments of joy, as it’s clear to see how much this extra quality time with their children has meant to so many mums – topping the list of what they enjoyed most.

As families across the nation prepare for the phased reopening of society, a new study reveals the biggest joys and challenges mums have faced during the pandemic.

A survey of 1,003 UK mums, conducted by One4all Gift Cards, reveals that while 98% have found the past year challenging, more than half have appreciated spending more quality time with their children during the enforced restrictions. Going for a walk together, watching a film together and cooking a meal together are cited as the top activities’ mums have enjoyed most with their children.

Although quality time with their children has been a joy, the research also revealed some of the biggest challenges of lockdown – 41% say they have struggled to find time for themselves, the same number have found it difficult to manage their mental health, while more than 1 in 3 say home-schooling has been challenging.

Looking at how mums have spent their time during lockdown, the research found they have spent most of their time working each day followed by home-schooling their children – both totalled to 5 and a half hours out of the day.

In addition, the average mum only gets 54 minutes of alone time a day.

The research further revealed what gifts mums would most like to receive during the pandemic, with uninterrupted quality time with their children appearing top of the list.

This was followed by handmade gift, a day off from household chores and breakfast in bed.

Brenda Berg

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