An Industry Snapshot: The Most Searched for Camera Brands in the UK Revealed 

Photography has become the favourite pastime for many since smartphones allowed us to always have a camera at the ready. However, for those that wish to further their hobby into a lucrative career, getting yourself a professional-quality digital camera is the obvious next step. But which one should you go for?

To see which camera brand the British public are turning to most, Max Spielmann, the UK’s leading photo printing specialists, analysed keyword data to see which brands are being searched for the most. Included below are the top 6 most popular brands, along with some explanations as to why they have come out on top!

6. GoPro- 5,800 searches

Starting out the list, the 6th most popular brand of camera by average monthly searches is GoPro. The camera of choice for adventurers everywhere, GoPro provides robust bodies with great quality and easy to use interfaces, all for reasonable prices. 

While it’s mostly used for video, it has a surprising range of photo capabilities that can withstand fast-moving sports. In fact, they’ve got the market cornered when it comes to documenting your cycling, climbing, skiing, or any other escapades where you want to be sure that your camera will survive the trip no matter what.

5. Nikon- 6,300 searches

Nikon has always been a brand championed by beginners and experienced professionals alike, offering a huge range of cameras, lenses and accessories so you’ll always have the right tool for the job. Plus, their range of focus points, well-known durability and strong battery life compared to other manufacturers are just some of their many stand-out feature.

It’s far from the only manufacturer to do this, with some others appearing later on the list. However, Nikon’s lower overall searches could be attributed to their main focus on the professional market.

4. Sony- 13,000 searches

With quite a jump from the previous entries, Sony is the 4th most popular manufacturer by searches, with an impressive 13,000. Another strong presence in the mirrorless market, Sony cameras all have one thing in common- truly stunning image quality. 

Focusing on the mid-high range market, Sony cameras can seamlessly switch between taking some amazing snaps and recording great footage, making them an excellent part of any professional photographers toolkit. It’s this versatility across various photographic disciplines could have definitely contributed to such a high search volume, with very few occasions not being suited to a good Sony camera. In fact, it was the A7iii which changed the game, sporting an amazing focus and autofocus system, 693 phase detection points and 425 contrast autofocus points. 

3. Canon- 18,000 searches

A brand some of you may have expected to take the top spot, Canon comes in at a strong third. Offering products for every price point and level of experience, Canon is the choice for many DSLR users across the country. They’re easy to use, versatile, and a great array of accessories also make Canon cameras incredible options for those just starting out on their photography journey or casual enthusiasts everywhere. Plus, with their mirrorless range ever-growing, they’re known to contend closely with Sony’s.

The first camera for many, Canon dominate the amatuer market, although much like their competitors they offer some incredible higher-range bodies and lenses for those who enjoy the look and feel of one of the most established brands on the market. Another edge it has over Nikon, is its ability to use a broader range of old lenses, thanks to autofocus motors embedded in the camera bodies as opposed to the lenses themselves.

2. Instax- 24,000 searches

In second place and greatly benefiting from the recent boom in demand for vintage and retro products is Instax, bringing the instant camera to the modern day. With film that develops quicker than competitors and colours that pop off the still, not to mention a sleek, compact frame, Instax has grown firmly out of the shadow of its parent company Fujifilm. 

The popularity surrounding Instax cameras is attributed to their modern take on alternative instant choices, and is nowhere near as bound by strict storage instructions e.g. certain temperature ranges. Plus, they provide sharp images that depart slightly from the vintage aesthetic in exchange for overall higher quality images.

1. Polaroid- 97,000 searches

Taking the top spot by an absolute landslide, Polaroid is by far the most searched for camera brand in the UK. No doubt this is thanks to Polaroid becoming inseparable from instant cameras. Instant cameras are still an incredibly popular choice for many with an interest in photography, and when combined with the aforementioned increase in popularity of retro and vintage aesthetic products, Polaroid taking the top spot isn’t surprising. .

The novelty of immediately having a print of your picture with the instant camera aesthetic has far from worn off. Not only is it a great way to keep sentimental memories, but also decorate your walls, as strings of polaroid pictures become an ever more popular way to display the good times and unforgettable vistas. It’s not uncommon for professional photographers to go back to Polaroid’s roots too, by incorporating the aesthetic into their work, or even providing Polaroid snaps as a service in itself.

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