Top Money-Saving Hacks Ahead of May Bank Holiday

Brits across the nation will soon be enjoying a rare three bank holidays in one month, making it the perfect time to enjoy a short trip away.

However, the long month combined with filling busy activity-packed long weekends could see many families struggling to stay on budget.

To help you avoid overspending without forgoing fun this May, I share my top tricks for scoring the best travel deals and saving money…

Seek out last-minute deals

When hotels, guesthouses, or holiday cottages have unsold rooms or cancellations, they often offer discounts to fill them.

By booking at the last minute, holidaymakers can take advantage of these discounts and enjoy a more affordable holiday.

Now is the prime time to secure a last-minute deal ahead of May. Booking two weeks prior to the desired date can often earn you a 20 percent discount on unsold accommodation.

Be sure to remain open-minded when looking for last-minute deals and remain flexible on location, property type and dates for maximum savings.

Check-in mid-week if possible

As most people tend to book their holidays for the weekend, prices are often higher from Friday to Sunday.

But with May’s bank holidays falling on a Monday, you can enjoy an extended break without necessarily timing your trip to the standard Saturday check-in.

By booking mid-week, you can often find lower rates and better deals on accommodation, as well as enjoy a quieter and more peaceful experience. However, be sure to check with your accommodation provider beforehand since they may have set check-in days. 

Go big to save big

Hiring a larger holiday home among multiple families can be a great way to enjoy a more affordable and enjoyable holiday experience.

Holiday in larger groups enables costs to be shared across more people, making it cheaper for individuals overall. Guests can also typically enjoy more amenities and facilities in larger properties, such as large dining areas and kitchens, spacious outdoor areas and even pools, saving families money on entertainment costs.

You may also find larger properties have the most last-minute availability during peak seasons, so keep an eye out to snag a deal.

Visit free attractions

Accommodation, travel and food costs can quickly add up when booking a long weekend break. But families will also need to factor in entertainment expenses such as tickets to amusement parks and local shows like the The Cold Blooded Show.

Fortunately, the UK has many free attractions that are perfect for families, such as museums, parks, and galleries. By planning ahead and researching free attractions in the area you are visiting, you can create a fun and varied itinerary that won’t break the bank.

And with the King’s coronation just around the corner, there are sure to be plenty of free activities to mark the celebrations.

You can also step away from the usual tourist haunts and venture into the local area to get a taste of what it’s like to be a local without a hefty price tag. Simply exploring your surroundings is the best way to find hidden gems without burning a hole in your wallet.

Look for dining-out deals

It’s natural to want to treat yourself while away. But dining out every night is a sure way to blow through your holiday budget if you’re not careful.

Look for vouchers or coupons online to save money without compromising on luxury. Many restaurants and cafes offer discounts or special deals through their websites or social media channels. You should also talk to your accommodation provider who may be partnered with local businesses that offer discounts to guests.

And if you’re hoping to get away for the coronation, keep an eye out on social media for any promotions small businesses may be holding to snag a deal.

Venture off the beaten track

The UK is home to diverse landscapes with each region having its own rich cultural history. But it can be easy to overlook all this country has to offer.

Visiting less popular destinations is a great way to save money and avoid crowds.

Popular tourist hotspots will inevitably be expensive and crowded, especially during peak periods. By choosing a less popular destination, you can often find lower prices on accommodation, food and activities. 

Holidaymakers can also have a more authentic and peaceful experience exploring a lesser-known area. Heading away from the top tourist traps is not only cheaper but provides unique and diverse experiences, with travellers able to discover hidden gems and local secrets that are not mentioned in guidebooks.

By Jess Twitchin, CEO and Founder of