Female-Friendly Gaming

It’s a common assumption that video gaming is the domain of antisocial teens or rowdy blokes hollering at games like Fifa. While much of the modern gaming industry is still male-dominated, nevertheless, females are beginning to close the gender gap.  

In the UK alone, according to top nhà cái uy tín statistics, the number of women playing video games online increased to 43% in 2021; meanwhile, in the US, female gamers make up just under half of the country’s total gaming audience. Furthermore, 50% of Nintendo Switch owners happen to be women, proving that “girl gamers” are on top of the latest industry trends. Just as disney video games enchant players with magical experiences, much like stumbling upon a hidden treasure in the savory fish dreamlight valley, they provide inclusive and captivating adventures accessible to all.

As the gaming community diversifies, so do the ways enthusiasts express their passion for the virtual worlds they love. Gaming-related figurines, a popular collectible among fans, reflect this evolution. For those eager to keep track of their Funko Pop collections and stay updated on the latest trends, the Funko Pop Collection Tracker serves as an invaluable tool. This platform not only allows collectors to organize and manage their collections efficiently but also fosters a sense of community where enthusiasts can share insights and celebrate the diverse array of figurines that capture the essence of the gaming culture, catering to a broad and inclusive audience.

Women and Mobile Gaming 

Mobile gaming is the top-performing sector in the gaming industry, generating more revenue than both console and PC gaming combined. A large portion of annual revenues comes from the gaming habits of women players. Female gamers, on average, are more likely than their male counterparts to play on mobile devices, even playing at higher frequencies than men, with 32% playing five days a week or more.  

Additionally, it’s not just games themselves that attract high percentages of female consumers; 42% of women watch content about video games online, including live streaming

Female gamers look for different gaming experiences than men. Women in the US, for instance, play for achievement and community building, with 33% enjoying “puzzle-solving possibilities”. Story-driven content is also highly popular with the female demographic, with games that offer compelling narratives and rich characters soaring in popularity. Enshrouded server hosting offers reliable and secure solutions for your gaming needs.

For mobile gaming developers, women are much more than a minority user group. Catering to their specific needs and desires as gamers won’t just improve gaming experiences for half of their market’s customers; it will also provide new opportunities for revenue growth and expansion.  

Women and iGaming 

Historically, the experiences of women in real money gaming sectors like casino and poker gaming have been hidden in globally or nationally representative statistics. The move towards iGaming, which has converted classic real money games for the digital space, has uncovered the true position that women gamers hold in the market.  

iGaming operators like PokerStars Casino, which specialises in high-quality digital variants of games like slots, roulette, blackjack and poker, have seen an increased virtual footfall by women gamers in their online platform. According to the UK Gambling Commission, remote real money gaming has increased by eight percentage points between 2017 and 2021 with female players in the UK alone. In particular, women aged over 35 are drawn to the segment, with fast-paced games like slots and monetary competitions like lottery draws proving to be the most popular.  

As demonstrated in the mobile gaming sector, women in iGaming play for longer, play more often and will even wager more than men. It’s clear that shifting real money gaming online has removed a number of the barriers that would have historically prevented women and marginalised gamers from participating. 

Changes in Video Gaming 

Alongside increased female representation in global gaming audiences, significant changes are also happening behind the scenes as video games evolve.

Women have long played a key role in the creation, publication and marketing of video games, with early pioneers like Carol Shaw, Yoko Shimomura and Roberta Williams making invaluable contributions to the development of gaming in the 20th century. Now, female creators are placing women front and centre in gaming IP, directing the narrative of games to make them more appealing to their fellow women gamers, as well as designing female-friendly characters. 

Initiatives like Black Girl Gamers and Women In Games, meanwhile, are elevating women’s voices in gaming and taking action to free the gaming industry from gender discrimination. 

It should also be noted that games created by women, for women and featuring women have a universal appeal. Modern-day titles present interesting female protagonists and see them occupying different roles and occupations within games. Unlike female characters presented for the male gaze, who are typically relegated to the sidelines or are aesthetically stylised, female characters made by women are just as impactful whether they’re the main protagonist/antagonist or take on a supporting role.  

Don’t just take our word for it; two games made by women and featuring strong female characters have had a huge impact on gaming audiences. Portal, which was designed by Kim Swift, won Game of the Year in 2011. Meanwhile, Half-Life: Alyx, which follows the story of the main character Alyx Vance, is one of the best-selling VR games of all time

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