Building Your Brand: Why You Should Live Stream More in 2019 and Beyond

Promotions are a vital tool for the growth of businesses. Whatever kind of commercial establishment you own, and no matter the size, running advertising programmes increases your customer base and boosts your sales.

Social media experts say you can literally experience a quantum leap in success when your advertising outreach includes live events. So if you are still sitting on the fence, jump in. And if you’re in already, tell your fans more live stories about your brand.

Because of the rate of advancement in technology, the web has been changing constantly, with new innovations added at an overwhelming frequency. And tech-vigilant marketers watch out for emerging advertising platforms, like live streaming.

Digitalizing Traditional Promotion Methods

Some promotional media, like events hosting and discounting have been around for a while before the internet arrived. The beautiful thing is that few of them lend themselves easily to digitalization. While events can now be hosted online, discounts are popularly used to encourage customers to buy a product or service by offering them coupon codes. And buyers love them!

That is why many ecommerce sites are using vouchers to drive more sales. For example, there are discount and promo codes for Lyle and Scott valid from January 2019, and several other online tokens on virtually all kinds of products and services.

Live Streaming and Its Benefits to Businesses

There’s a huge body of researches that shows video marketing as more effective and highly engaging than text-based outreach. In addition to this, an expert report says video consumption increasesevery year at 100% rate. And within video advertising, a whopping 82% of respondents prefer live videos of a business brand to their other social posts.

Having said that, the following are some of the advantages of incorporating live streaming into your marketing activities:

It gives your business a human face

In a world that has been exceptionally digitalized and made dispassionate, people are craving for the human touch. Live streaming connects your audience to your brand in an emotional way.

It increases your transparency and trust score

Connecting with your audience through live events makes them trust your brand more, and showcases you as a transparent business person. Remember Google’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) outlook, and its page ranking attributes.

It’s a cheap advertisement medium with a pretty wide coverage

The ease with which these live videos are shared helps you reach audience you never imagined.

It allows you to engage with your audience

You get a live business community who are engaging with you and with one another on the spot. There is a lot of engagement and this creates a tremendous buzz on your trade name, helping you to spread your word online.

The action based nature of live streams makes it captivating.

It draws your audience into your world and keeps them there until you are finished with them.

Allows the opportunity to receive freebees 

When you live stream, it’s like giving your audience free tickets to an exclusive show. It entertains in an exciting way, and your audience will appreciate it by doing the needful.

Keeps your audience interested, asking for more

Living-in-the-moment function of live streams satisfies the audience’s instant gratification cravings, especially when you use the opportunity to give live only discounts.

Helps you reach a wide range of people

Ultimately, these as-it-is-happening videos fetch you several thousands of followers online, which in turn translate to more sales.

Live streaming is cheap and extraordinarily effective. Think about what the live announcement of an in-the-moment promo code will do for your business. Try it today and give us a feedback in the comments section.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.