Importance of Insurance for High-Value Art Collections

You surely would prefer your artworks to be displayed and enjoyed rather than being hidden in some secure safe, regardless of your tastes in art or the original reason you acquired that original artwork in your possession. It just can’t be helped; beauty is only valuable because it has the ability to be beholden.

That being said, we recognise how dangerous it is to have such delicate pieces outside and without cover. A regular home or personal property insurance policy should be enough to cover most things in your possession. For valuables such as art, however, you should brace yourself for some limitations.

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Insuring your high-value art collections

Your art collection may be paintings, sculptures, or photographic prints. We believe, though, that if your piece has artistic merit, if it’s rare or has historical significance and has undergone historical restoration, it qualifies as HIGH-VALUE art. 

You should be sure your art collection is insured because the only thing certain about life is uncertainty. You never know when a catastrophe might happen. 

Insurance gives you valued coverage; the insurance company will compensate you for the appraised value of your item. It takes into account the rarity, antiquity or overall artistic merit of the item. Your art would be covered, whether it’s at your home, in transit or on display at a gallery. If you want to know the current value of your art collection, you may seek art appraiser services.

Does homeowners insurance protect your art collections?

This is most likely the first question running through your mind. Homeowners’ insurance policies cover your valuables. It is, however, subject to your deductible and coverage limits. You might want to comb through your existing policy again, though, because your home insurance might already cover you.

Understand that a homeowner’s policy is ordinarily not as sophisticated as a specific fine art insurance policy because there are a lot more restrictions and underwriting. This might limit the amount of compensation you get for your art, and its actual value might not be captured.

Why do you need insurance for your high-valued art collections?

  • Valuation

When insuring your art collection, you would need to prove that you are the owner by bringing forth all the relevant documentation that would vindicate your claim. You would also need to bring documentation that demonstrates what it’s worth. Your insurance providers will look at several indexes to determine the value of your art investment, as artworks from different periods and mediums are valued differently. After your art has been valued and authenticated, you should keep both certificates in a safe place as it would be required in the event of a claim.

  • Security

Of all the reasons why you should insure your art, security takes the top spot. Because why not? There are risks, including theft, robbery, and general damages to your art, and these can be easily eliminated with the right art insurance. 

  • Value increase

In some situations, when the artist passes away, art pieces do experience sharp spikes in value. You might have invested in your favourite artist, which was the case. Just be sure to renew the amount insured within 12 months with your insurer.

  • Defective Title Insurance

This type of insurance covers a title defect that would damper the enjoyment of a purchase. You probably have heard of such situations where a work of art was stolen, but the new person that acquired it was oblivious to that fact. This insurance applies here. You would be glad to know that with specialist art insurance, you are still safe; you do not have to fear losing your money in that case. Suppose your specialist art insurance policy includes the defective title cover. You are insured for the amount you paid should it come to light that the piece has been previously stolen.

Art Insurance specialists are more than experienced in creating policies that protect your art collection, and they know how to help you get claims when the situation arises. You will be taken more seriously when you make a claim on art insurance than on an unspecialised or unrelated one. 

It is worth noting that fine art insurers will only be able to provide you with the appropriate comprehensive coverage if you are truthful with them about precisely what you want to be insured. You may lose your coverage if you fail to disclose details or risks associated with the works of art in your possession.

This means that you will need to be aware of where your art collection is placed and possible disaster situations that might strike. You have to be sure that your art insurer is conscious and that your policy covers any potential incidents because, like any other insurance policy, you need to be cognizant of what is covered. 

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