10 Home Interior Design Ideas for Winter 2022

Winter is the ideal time to freshen up your décor. For the next few months, you will spend more time indoors than you did over the summer. 

Besides anything else, the family will be around during the upcoming holiday season. Nobody wants to disappoint Aunt Margaret over the turkey via last years’ wallpaper.

These ten design ideas cater to different aesthetics. If you prefer a warm, cosy feel to welcome in winter, this article can provide. If you seek the atmosphere-controlled moderation of the smart-but-effortless apartment, then there are modern styles to suit. Prefer a rougher edge to your interior décor? Industrial and farmhouse-chic options allow the use of exposed raw materials. There is something for everyone in winter 2022. 

Styling Your Home for the Winter Months

Following on from Summer 2022, the coming season will be duller, darker, and likely to drain your mood. Build a nest around yourself that is so sumptuously you that it protects you until March. Here are 10 of the best design inspirations to help you create it.

1 – Raw and Untouched

One of the biggest trends among gen Z – who are now reaching the age where they are renting their first apartments – is an appreciation of art. Not just of art, but of AI generated art. There is this raw bleakness to it. This style is the new evolution of the old emo, which evolved from the old goth. It is industrialist with a twist of cyber punk. 

How do you recreate the look in your home? Exposed beams, metal or otherwise. Use textures in unexpected ways. Opt for concretes and greys. Mix up industrial looking dining tables with sleek modern technology. Use exposed disconnected wires as décor and keep colours minimal.

2 – Blue Starry Sky

Bright blues have edged around the fashion, design, and interior décor world now for some time. From electric blues to deep, dark royals, a good blue gives a calming feel to any room. Tipped by Vogue to be a hot colour for autumn, capture the 2022 blue vibe by teaming a rich, deep blue with a little sparkle. Place it on a feature wall and match that wall with textured blue pieces placed strategically around the room. When dealing with deep colours, a little goes a long way and especially so in small spaces.

3 – That 70s Revival

That 70’s revival that first appeared in early 2022 hasn’t gone anywhere yet. This trend updates the old shapes and bold colour blocks of the 70s by adding a modern twist. Remember granny’s carpet? That horrible patterned one? This modernist approach to the 70s patterns removes the detail and keeps the shapes. Blend browns, pinks, and greens, with circular shapes and felt feels and you have yourself a style.

4 – Look up

Look up to the lights – or in the case of winter 2022, look to the coffee table at the lights. Big lights are out, and textured, carved, and sculpted lampshades are on. When it comes to choosing the lighting or your home, think comfortable, Hygge, and sheltering until summer.

Low lite rooms, candles, and rattan-effect table lamps are the go-to for this coming season.

5 – Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings, drapery, thick fabrics, soft curtains, and even soft colours are all in this year. The key is to examine every aspect of the design and ask yourself how you can make it more appealing to your sense of touch. Is it soft? Does it feel like the inside of a dog’s ears? Does it make you want to fall asleep in front of the fire? If the answer is no, it’s not it. 

6 – Classicism? 

A few sources indicate classicism is back in. Every few years, western culture reverts to that stark, formal display which the ancient Greeks and Romans favoured. This style has a clay pottery vase and cherub water feature feel to it. The best part about classicism is that it never truly goes out of fashion. It is universally understood as tasteful décor. The only conceivable problem with this design in the UK is the weather. Tile and marble are unforgiving in cold climates.

7 – The Plant Pandemic

There is a whole side of the internet devoted to gardening, plants, and shrubbery. The green fingered masses seem to be unionizing. In doing so, they are spreading their love of growing their own jungle inside their apartments to the rest of society. It is now an interior design choice to litter your house with plants instead of décor. 

This is great for the environment, gives you better air quality, regulates the atmosphere without heating and cooling, improves your mood, and can even boost production. WFH? No problem. Plants are the winter 2022 décor trend you need in your life. 

8 – Viking Chic

Spurred on by the release of some epic Viking-era films during the summer, the kids of today long to explore this culture. Rather than converting to Norse Mythology, entertain the little ones with the cool style of an old longhouse. Achieve this affordable look with faux fur throws, candles, and wooden ornaments.

9 – Earthy Homes

Eco-friendly is in and so is the sense of retreating somewhere warm to sleep the winter away. Both these feelings and beliefs evoke an earthy sense of belonging to the planet. Embrace your earthen comforts using deep chocolate browns, sumptuous (vegan) leathers, and dark woods. Think sustainably autumnal for this trend.

10 – All About Storage

Take this redecorating time to consider your storage options. Does your new style require tucked away storage spaces? Can you use open shelving to your advantage? Displaying books, crafts, and creative work, all makes storage space an integral part of interior design trends of the latter half of 2022. Take the opportunity to build yourself a long term solution that becomes part of the aesthetic of the house. 

Cold Months End in Thaw

Follow these top aesthetics this cold snap season and February’s thaw will come faster than you think. 

Charlotte Giver

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