Mood-Boosting Interiors to Avoid Those Winter Blues

With winter drawing ever nearer and the darker mornings and evenings once more beginning to make an appearance, Google searches for SAD lamps are on the increase yet again as people try to combat those winter blues. 

Whilst SAD lamps are an effective way to bring more daylight into the home, there are also many interior design trends and colour schemes that can help improve your wellbeing.

To help Brits transform their homes into mood-boosting sanctuaries, Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Curtains, reveals six interior themes that exude positivity.

1. Calming greens

Nothing quite says peace like a green, nature-inspired space. Green is the perfect colour if you’re looking to inject a sense of calm into your home this autumn. 

Amy says: “Green is very popular within home interiors at the moment and for good reason. Bringing earthy greens into the home works to create an environment which promotes healthy living and mindfulness. This makes it a particularly nice colour scheme for the cooler, darker months as our homes will feel like a safe, calming retreat. 

“Green also pairs beautifully with warmer tones, so for your window dressings opt for some dusky pink made to measure curtains. Not only will this bring in a touch of warmth, but also keep the space feeling fresh and refreshing this winter.”

2. Playful pinks

Pink may not be the first that springs to mind when we think of mood-boosting colours, but its playfulness always promises to add a touch of joy to a space.

Amy explains: “Pink is often overlooked when considering interior design colour options, but if you’re looking to freshen up a space this autumn and winter, it should definitely be a contender. 

“Symbolising love and passion, injecting some pink into a home can help create a sense of warmth and happiness – which we all need in the colder, darker months. Pink is also a very versatile colour and comes in many different shades, so you will always find one you find yourself drawn too. Pair with deeper greens to balance the sweetness with some cooler, more earthy shades.”

3. Warming yellows

Yellow is often off the cards when people are looking for some home inspiration, but it’s actually a brilliant colour to bring into the home – especially if it is calling out for some much-needed brightness.

Amy comments: “Deeper and richer colours are an interior designer’s secret weapon when looking to add depth and character to a space. Warm yellows create an element of joy and happiness that can create a positive space in your home that makes you feel upbeat. 

“It is important to consider contrasting colours when opting for a bold palette, so try pairing with natural shades or sage green for a clean, fresh and welcoming look. Carefully consider your lighting and other decorative elements like minimalist and natural curtains to suit such a statement colour.”

4. Earthy tones

Getting out in nature is often associated with clearing the mind and bringing a sense of clarity, so why not bring some of those earthy tones into your home to create your very own healing space?

Amy suggests: “Shades of terracotta and earthy tones are continuing to dominate the interiors market thanks to the tranquil atmosphere they help to create. These colours are the perfect way to quickly warm up a cool north facing room and evoke memories of travel and warmer climates, making them an ideal choice for lifting the mood. 

“Add tan leather and rattan accessories to complete this travel-inspired scheme, alongside some linen made to measure curtains.”

5. Soothing blues

Blue is often hailed as being the true gateway to a serene, calming interior and with the right shade, it can absolutely help to create this. 

Amy comments: “Promoting peace and tranquillity, blue is a colour that has been dominating interiors for years, due both its versatility, but also its mood-boosting abilities. 

“Opting for pale blues will create a space that will leave you feeling fulfilled and relaxed, whilst deeper blues will create a more confident and modern look. Blues have a place in every space of the home, but its calming effect makes it particularly ideal for cosy living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.”

6. Neon touches

Neon is often seen as quite daring thanks to its bright and bold nature, but when paired along with a more muted background, they can be a great mood-boosting addition to a home.

Amy says: “Don’t be afraid to bring in some more bright and neon colours this winter. Neon colours will always guarantee to bring you joy in the darker months. Keep your palette white or dark and then add in pops of neon to create a sense of fun and a dramatic finish.

“Why not consider trying a little DIY and adding some neon pom poms to existing cushions and curtains to brighten up your room even more?”

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.