Holiday Season: Include that Much-Needed Self-Care into Your Routine

The Christmas and holiday season has plenty of fabulous parts, but let’s face it – it’s sometimes downright stressful to keep pace with that jam-packed schedule. Shopping for presents, home decorating, seeing friends and family, and going places are all pleasant holiday activities, but where’s the much-needed “me time” in all this story?

It’s indeed the most wonderful time of the year, as Andy Williams says, but you need to feel wonderful, too. Self-care tends to be forgotten in all this hustle and bustle, but learn that you don’t need to go to the spa (although it’s more than recommended), engage in some complicated routines, or buy a bunch of products to take care of yourself, as you can give yourself attention from the comfort of your couch.

If there’s anything you need to learn in 2022, it’s that you need to pamper yourself more often. Remember that self-care is similar to self-love, so don’t neglect it no matter the time of the year. This article explores ways to add more self-care into your busy holiday routine and products that can help in this sense.

Indulge in Beauty Rituals

Think about beauty rituals as a form to thank yourself for just being. It’s never too late to do something kind for yourself and have a moment of reset. So, consider indulging in relaxing beauty rituals whenever you have the occasion. And don’t jump to conclude that this is only about creams, lotions, and makeup products – the “beauty” concept comprises much more than that. It can be anything that makes you feel good, from hair trimmers and shampoos to nail polish and treatments for a specific condition you may have.

Skin and body care are essential aspects of a healthy self-care routine, so you may want to add products of this type to your wish list. If you’re a newbie to skin and body care, you should try travel-size products and see if they suit your needs and expectations. The advantage of these mini-size products is that you can take them everywhere, give them as presents, or deposit them in the tightest spaces. They’re the new definition of luxury, especially for people with so much on their plate daily.  Winter holidays are the perfect occasion to try many such products as you can find them in the famous and most-awaited advent calendars. Ensure you look for advent calendars with self-care products, from body lotions and creams to bath bombs and scented candles. Beauty advent calendar 2022 is a must this year, and remember – you can give it to a loved one or keep it all to yourself.

Light a Scented Candle

We know what you think; candles are everywhere during the holiday season. Agree, but not all are suitable for you. We recommend looking for candles with fragrances to help you wind down after a long and busy day. Some candles promote peace and restfulness, such as those infused with rose hints, ylang-ylang, and the well-known lavender. You can blow out the flame while you’re bathing or just before bed for a night of deep sleep.

Indulge in a Shopping Spree

What would be the winter holidays without a shopping session? Retail therapy is real, and it’s more beneficial than you imagine. Buying to cheer up is a common practice among people from around the world, so the next time you feel guilty that you’ve bought yourself that fancy pair of shoes, think that you’ve done that for your good. And no, nothing selfish here. As long as you don’t go too far and purchase useless things, spending your money on items or services that make you feel happy is more than fine. Christmas is the perfect time to start your shopping adventure and get into that holiday spirit. Besides, this is your chance to buy all those gifts you keep postponing. 

Ensure, though, you find the right time, as the days before Christmas are the busiest. And don’t forget to subtly ask your loved ones what they would like to receive. If you have a skincare-enthusiast friend, don’t hesitate to buy advent calendar 2022 for them. Advent calendars are always appreciated, and the good news is that you can find them in various shapes and sizes, containing a bunch of mini-size (but also regular-size) products that are just perfect for self-care during the winter season.

Book in for a Massage

The body often accumulates the tension of a stressful day, and this reflects on those tight shoulders or back pains. Sometimes the best remedy is a professional massage that can reduce pain and muscle tension or soreness, increase relaxation, and improve circulation. Massages benefit your body and mind, so if you want to disconnect a little bit, consider booking in for a massage. Remember that sometimes the best solution to connect is to disconnect, even in the middle of the holiday season.

Self-Care Products to Try This Holiday

While the list of self-care products can reach no end, we’ve selected some essentials you may want to try to enhance your skin and body care routine during the cold season.

  • rejuvenating bath salts and oils
  • nourishing face masks
  • moisturizing creams and lotions
  • lip balms

Set goals for including self-care habits every day

Once you find a self-care routine that works for you, try as much as possible to stick to it and just adjust it a bit every season. It’s normal to use more hydrating and nourishing products during the winter season since skin tends to get dry during the cold months. But you’ll see it’s not always necessary to use moisturizers and oils to maintain healthy and glowing skin; sometimes, a light gel cream is all you need.  Knowledge comes with time, so be patient with yourself. The best you can do is to be serious about your needs and practice self-love on a regular basis, whether we are talking about the winter holidays or another time of the year.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.