5 Ways You Can Make Money as a Furry Artist

What Is A Furry? 

A furry is defined by their interest in anthropomorphic animals. In its most basic form that’s all it is, someone whose hobby or interest is humanoid animals like that of Nick Wilde in Zootopia. It’s a term used to describe a vast community of artists, writers, gamers, role-players, and so many others. They can be found in several online communities, while the broader more general term for the furry community is the “furry fandom”. 

What Is A Furry Artist? 

As the name implies, furry art is art that is made for and often by furries. Therefore, the furry artists are the people who make these furry art pieces. Furry art often contains what is known as a fursona which is essentially a person reimagined as an animal. 

A fursona is typically the creator or designer of the art, anthropomorphized and as a result, gives the furry something that they can identify with outside of their actual, personal identity. 

The art has no rigid definition as long as it includes some sort of anthropomorphic, humanoid, creature, it can be classed as furry art. Sites like Fursonafy are literally dedicated to pumping out pictures of people’s fursonas. 

Why Become A Furry Artist? 

Now, it might sound like a really strange word of advice to tell you to just completely change the angle of your art business but hear us out. We’re not telling you to completely uproot your art career and start making furry art. However, making furry art is a slightly untapped market, so making that on top of whatever art you already make could definitely make a nice chunk of extra cash, and here are a few methods to do so. 

If you want an even better way to make money as a furry artist, you can get custom enamel pin to advertise your artwork. This will allow more people to see your work and deepen their impression of the artist. You can also give it to your fans as a souvenir.

Method 1: Fiverr Commissions 

Building up a Fiverr account and taking commissions through that is an amazing way to start making some money from furry art. There are thousands of people a month looking for furry artists. Plus, finding affordable art that is also decent is hard to come by on there. Therefore, putting together a good portfolio and selling and getting a few good reviews can definitely put you on the map. 

Method 2: Furaffinity Commissions 

A lesser-known way for furry artists to make money is by advertising their work on sites like Furaffinity. This site is dedicated to allowing furry artists to publish their work, so what some of them do is not only publish their art but also notify Furaffinity users that their commissions are open in the description of the piece. Users of the site can then contact them through whatever social they say to contact them through and they get to avoid service fees like the ones Fiverr have in place. 

Method 3: Get In Touch With Furry Art Sites

Sites like the aforementioned Fursonafy and myfurryart.com are constantly looking for artists to get on board so that they can take on more customers. It is definitely worth getting in contact with these sites and sending them some of your previous work to see if you can get consistent customers with them. 

Method 4: Etsy Commissions

Much like advertising on Fiverr, advertising on Etsy can be an extremely lucrative money maker if you go about it in the right way. Make sure you are targeting the right keywords like “furry art” or “furry reference sheet”, otherwise nobody is going to see your portfolio when searching for someone for the commission. Of course, the only downside with advertising on services like this is that they will inevitably take a cut of your payment. 

Method 5: Instagram Commissions 

This is a great method if you are already an established artist on Instagram as it means you can use your influence and following to pivot the angle of your art a little bit. Taking commissions through Instagram also allows artists to build a stronger customer-to-artist bond and increases the chances of repeat customers. Consistently posting your work and notifying people that your commissions are open can greatly improve the possibility of people commissioning you to work for them. 

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