Why Indonesian Coffee is Becoming More Popular

Coffee drinking has now become a part of the lifestyle, especially among the younger generation. Today, you will find coffee shops on every corner of every street and you’ll soon find that most of them use Indonesian coffee.

Why is that?

The answer is simple, Indonesia produces some of the best coffee beans in the world. These coffee beans not only have different flavors, but the cultivation process is also different.

This difference in the cultivation process helps the Indonesian coffee beans taste different from the other coffee beans worldwide.

About Indonesian Coffee

Indonesia is one of the largest producers of coffee, contributing 7% of the world’s coffee demand. Indonesia’s geographical and climatological location makes it the perfect place for coffee plantations.

Indonesia is full of mountain ranges that offer the perfect temperature for coffee plantations. Indonesian coffee arrives from three different places – Sumantra, Sulawesi, and Jawa. 

Also, Jawa is known as Arabica coffee which has an acidic, clean, and fruity profile. This arabica coffee was brought to Indonesia for the first time in the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company.

Since then, Indonesia has become one of the best arabica coffee producers.

Indonesia Coffee Varieties

Indonesia’s coffee varieties are noticeably different from the coffee varieties from around the world. The reason for this is that Indonesian Coffee is processed differently. Because of their weathering condition, Indonesian coffee is wet processed.

Wet processing is the process of fermenting cherries in large water tanks. When they are fermented, all the pulp is washed up. Finally, the process ends with the coffee beans being dried off. 

Some Indonesian farmers process the coffee beans using machines that wash away the flesh on the coffee beans.

Whether we are talking about Arabica grown at higher altitudes or Robusta grown at a lower altitude, almost all the coffee beans go through the wet fermentation process.

Indonesia’s Unique Coffee Process

With rich volcanic soil, mountain terrains, and a moderate climate for coffee, Indonesian coffee encompasses different flavors. Indonesia is a place where some of the most coveted beans are grown throughout the country. Among them all, the Sumatran variety is well regarded.

These coffee beans yield a full body. They are not exactly sour and have fruity flavors. These coffee beans go through a unique Giling Basah process to have their unique taste.

The Giling Basah process is unique to Indonesia only and is only practiced by the Indonesians.

Here is the unique process.

  • After the coffee beans are picked, they are de-skinned. 
  • It is then fermented overnight and dried for only a couple of hours.
  • As of now, the beans are not completely dried. They still have moisturized retained in the flesh of the fruits.
  • The coffee is then briskly de-huddled in that delicate state and then dried to completion.

While most countries take several months to process coffee, Indonesia hands over their coffee beans to a middle-man in just a few days.

Such practices are nothing but the result of economic and climatic conditions. As Indonesia is full of mountain ranges, it is difficult to completely dry the coffee beans.

Furthermore, selling the coffee bean ensures that farmers get the payment for the coffee, which emphasizes farming coffee rather than processing it.

Coffee-Milk Product Development

The introduction of coffee-milk blends has significantly boosted the trend of drinking coffee. We all know that coffee is an acquired taste. Most people would not like it raw if there is nothing sweet about it. This is where the coffee-milk blend has offered a solution.

According to Toffin’s research, 60% of consumers drink coffee because they can now enjoy different flavors. Perhaps this is the reason why palm sugar coffee is famous among Gen Y and Z.

All in all, we can see that one of the reasons why Indonesian coffee is becoming popular is because of how people can now taste different flavors.

Indonesian traditional flavored coffee milk, like cendol and Klepon, is now getting popular because Gen Y and Z are interested in buying them.

Why Drink Indonesian Coffee?

Sipping a cup of coffee at this time has become a part of people’s lifestyles. While many people drink coffee to work late hours, and some use it as a pre-workout. 

Different people have different uses for coffee. But if you change your regular coffee to Indonesian coffee, you can reap the following benefits.

Below you can check the different benefits of drinking Indonesian coffee.

  • Many people drink teak coffee early in the morning, right after leaving the bed. Coffee contains caffeine that helps to energize the body and remove all the drowsiness of sleep.
  • If you are taking Indonesian coffee, it can help you maintain a stable blood sugar level. Experts say that it reduces type 2 diabetes by 20% to 30%.
  • People can improve their concentration by drinking Indonesian coffee. As coffee has caffeine, it improves focus and helps concentrate on their work.
  • Indonesian coffee helps people protect themselves from diseases like Dementia and Parkinson’s. The caffeine in Indonesian coffee stimulates the brain to release dopamine, which helps to fight liver diseases.
  • The same dopamine also helps activate the central nervous system of the body. Thus, protecting people from anxiety and depression.

Buying Indonesian Coffee

While there are many online coffee shops that sell Indonesian coffee, they can lack originality. If you truly want to enjoy the exotic taste of Indonesian coffee, kopi coffee is the right place for you.

Kopi Coffee makes its coffee using 100% Arabica coffee beans from Indonesia. To truly understand the difference in taste, order it for yourself and see the difference.

Final Thoughts

Coffee beverages have become an integral part of life in recent years. Whether we are talking about children or older people, everyone can enjoy coffee beverages with the varieties available in coffee-milk products.

While Indonesian coffee is made using a wet process, you can still find that smokey and earthy flavor. So, if you are a person that likes dark roast and bold flavor, you will even have some new flavors to enjoy.

That’s for this article. Now you know why Indonesian coffee is becoming more popular around the world.

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