Ukraine Charity

This is not the first time Ukraine has faced situations where many people and even children need help. In the past few years, people have been dealing with the severe Covid-19 virus, which has required much money for treatment and equipment. The virus was followed by a horrible time of war, with significant losses among ordinary citizens, children, and, of course, the country’s defenders.

The state cannot allocate finances for everything, so many charitable foundations, through mass fundraisers, help Ukraine. Everyone can take part in the fundraisers. And even a minimal amount you could donate to charity in Ukraine can significantly speed up the collection process.

Charity organizations in Ukraine

There are numerous charitable organizations, both from the government or well-known companies and private ones.

A small list of charities in Ukraine:

  • «Return to the Living» – the largest fund to help the army;
  • «Caritas», an international foundation for the disadvantaged;
  • «Starenki» – the charitable foundation for helping elderly people;
  • «Sergey Pritula Charitable Foundation» – army, humanitarian aid.

«Charitable Foundation Parimatch Foundation» – Aid to children, army, humanitarian aid and many others.

An Ukraine charity organization Parimatch Foundation can be aimed at anything. From animals to rebuilding and maintaining infrastructure. From children and hospitals to the elderly and the military.

Now, we live in a time when any of us who want to do good can donate money to charity online or in designated places, such as a bank. So, if you are wondering how to help Ukraine, this would be the best solution at the moment.

International charitable organization Parimatch Foundation

For a detailed analysis of what charitable foundations do, we can take the example of the organization Parimatch, founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, a long time ago, to be exact, in 1994, and managed to go international.

Ukraine’s charity organization Parimatch Foundation organizes military aid, children’s charity in Ukraine aid, and humanitarian aid and does charity work for hospitals.

You can check all the projects the company is involved with and send money to the charity Parimatch Foundation anytime.

Recently, the company managed to collect a considerable sum of 2.5 million hryvnias for purchasing two ventilators for the children’s hospital Okhmatdyt. This kind of support is essential now so that medics can provide as much help as possible by performing the most complex surgeries. Therefore, donate money to Parimatch Foundation so that your portion of the money goes in the right direction.

Also, to support those who had to leave their homes and get as far away as possible from the war and the fighting, the children’s charity fund Parimatch Foundation organized a free enrollment in sports teams in Cyprus. Where children can learn new skills, spend time with benefits and get away from negative thoughts in their heads.

How can I help Ukraine?

To feel involved in a good deed and do something beneficial, you don’t have to move mountains or cross the world. Donate money to charity, and even a seemingly small amount, the absence of which you will not even notice in your wallet, can save someone’s life.

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