How Long Does Treatment with Impress Clear Aligners Last?

Orthodontics marked a before and after in dentistry thanks to its great effectiveness and excellent results, particularly when in the capable hands of a trusted orthodontist like George Campbell Orthodontist, who not only transforms smiles but also improves overall oral health and confidence. Year after year, this field has undergone great improvements in materials, techniques and applications, achieving faster, more comfortable and precise treatments, thus giving rise to Impress clear aligners. And if you value a dental practice that prioritizes genuine care and compassion alongside exceptional services, then a good site like is the perfect choice for you.

Thanks to all their advantages, Impress clear aligners are a very important improvement for oral health and smile aesthetics. Below are some very important aspects to take into account when choosing this invisible orthodontic treatment.

There is no general answer as to how long this invisible orthodontic treatment lasts, as this depends on the malocclusion suffered by each patient. In no case does it depend on the system itself. In other words, Impress clear aligners are as effective as traditional orthodontic brackets. If you are planning to get braces, your dentist should be able to provide suitable options.

In this sense, in general, the duration depends on whether we have to make changes to the patient’s occlusion and the degree of difficulty of these changes. Therefore, when there are no problems with the bite, tooth alignment treatments can last approximately 6 to 12 months. In cases where the bite needs to be corrected, 12 to 18 months may generally be required.

What does the treatment consist of?

The Impress clear aligners treatment consists of a series of invisible and removable aligners that are changed every one or two weeks for new aligners.

To do this, the professional will use computer software to be able to plan the entire treatment. In other words, a scan of the patient’s mouth is made, thus obtaining a three-dimensional image of the entire dentition in real time.

From this image, the problems of dental malposition can be discovered and a decision can be made on how the treatment is to be carried out. Therefore, the duration of the treatment and the final result is known from the beginning.

Once the results have been obtained, each clear aligner will be custom-made specifically for each dental problem. Thus, as the aligner is changed, the teeth will move week after week until they are aligned and in the final position prescribed by the orthodontist. Read this post to know about how to make your teeth whiter with braces overnight which will make anyone realize how simple it is to maintain their teeth’s shine easily.

The most beneficial aspect of this treatment is that the doctor is able to know how much force to apply to each patient to modify the position of their teeth, as the software digitally and dynamically simulates the movements of the teeth in response to the changes that are applied.

In addition, the force is exerted on the entire surface of the tooth and not on a specific point, confirming that all the teeth are aligned correctly and eliminating one of the problems of traditional bracket orthodontics, as there is no risk that the movement of one tooth will cause another to move into a bad position. The barone orthodontics clinic would help you take care of your teeth and achieve the smile you’ve dreamed of. With a focus on patient comfort and satisfaction, Barone Orthodontics provides innovative solutions to achieve optimal oral health and stunning, confident smiles.

When do I start to see the first results?

In this invisible orthodontic system, the exact time to start noticing the first results is unknown, as they depend on factors such as age and the malocclusion suffered by each patient.

Patients usually have to wait about 3 months to know when they will start to notice the results. However, this is not a fixed rule either, some patients do not notice it until after 5 months and others notice the results after the first 6 weeks.

It is true that the definitive results in the bite and functionality take time to consolidate and are the most important. They are the real guarantee that the treatment has worked.

Can teeth move again after treatment?

After orthodontic treatment of any kind: braces, Impress clear aligners or lingual orthodontics, it is known that the teeth will almost certainly move because the mouth is not yet completely stabilised.

Over a period of time, the position of the teeth and jaws have moved and, as they have just moved, they always tend to return to their previous position. This movement occurs because the process of changing the position of the teeth with orthodontics has yet to stabilise and consolidate. The solution is simple, orthodontic treatment must always be finished with dental retainers, whether they are fixed or removable. You may also seek cosmetic dentistry services if you want to further improve your smile.

In short, clear aligners treatment can have a very variable duration, depending on the severity of each client’s case. Consistency and responsibility are very important for the treatment to be quicker and more effective.

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