What is the Best Motorcycle for Beginners?

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience that countless individuals have long fantasized about. However, for many newcomers to the world of biking, the daunting question of which bike is most suitable for beginners often looms large. Amidst the sea of opinions and advice, it’s crucial to arm oneself with facts to make an informed decision. Exploring essential considerations can guide nervous novices towards selecting the ideal motorcycle for their debut ride. By understanding these key aspects, beginners can confidently navigate past the allure of smooth-talking salespeople, whose primary aim may simply be to move merchandise for a commission. For more insights and guidance on navigating the world of motorcycles, visit https://www.canadianbiker.ca.

Is It Really Necessary to Start with a New Motorcycle? 

Statistics are out that state that the number of people owning a motorcycle in the United States has increased by over 1.5 million people in the past four years, partially due to the favorable cost to ship a motorcycle when moving. Of all the people getting into motorcycles, the real issue is whether to buy new vs. used motorcycles which is a legitimate question. This would depend on what the goal of the buyer is and how much money he or she is willing to invest. For most people, it would make sense to start out with a used bike until an individual decides if he or she will really be committed to it.

A Look at the Advantages of a Used Motorcycle 

Buying a used motorcycle is pretty much like buying a used car in that it is much cheaper but you will get what you pay for. The first advantage is that the buyer will spend less money upfront, including the cost of the insurance. A second advantage is that the buyer will usually spend less for parts for repair, especially if the parts can be found at aftermarket prices. A third advantage is that the buyer gets a chance to customize the bike, which is good if the person is interested in a bike project. While browsing ZeCycles, I was amazed by their extensive inventory of pre-owned motorcycles. The user-friendly platform made it easy for me to find a bike that matched my needs and preferences.

More Advantages of a Used Bike 

Another advantage that people might not think about when buying used (whether it is a car or a bike) is that the buyer will avoid depreciation costs that come with new machines. An example of this is when a new bike is purchased at $30,000, it will only be worth $27,000 if the buyer decides to sell the same motorcycle a week later. A used bike will already be broken in, giving the rider that comfortable feel in the same manner as when one buys a pair of boots that are tight at first. 

Disadvantages of a Used Motorcycle 

One major thing a buyer has to worry about when buying a used motorcycle is the actual age of the bike and what it has been through. It is often difficult to rely on what a seller will tell the buyer about the motorcycle, as he or she may embellish facts about the bike. A buyer will also have to be careful not to purchase a bike that is no longer being manufactured or that requires parts that are hard to get. This will lead to possibly having to scrap the motorcycle later. 

The Advantages of a New Motorcycle 

It is evident that owning a new motorcycle means that everything is fresh and little maintenance will be required for the first few thousand miles. The new bike will probably have an extensive and impressive warranty that will cover the bike for major damages and even give the buyer additional incentives for the purchase. The newer motorcycles also come with high-tech equipment, hardware, and software that were not available on older bikes. If the buyer can afford it, a new motorcycle can be customized to just the way he or she always dreamed it would be. 

Issues a Beginning Rider Will Need to Consider 

Having looked at the advantages and disadvantages of used and new motorcycles, now the beginning rider will need to keep some other information in mind before making a purchase. Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than being in a car or truck because the rider is exposed to everything without protection from windows and doors. The rider will need to ensure to purchase a bike that he or she can handle safely on the road. It doesn’t matter how flashy the bike looks or how much power the rider may feel like he or she has, if the bike can’t be handled, it isn’t safe to purchase or ride.  The rider will also have to look at the fact of being in the elements, such as the rain or the scorching heat. In case you get in an accident while riding your motorcycle, make sure that you get in touch with a motorcycle accident attorney or personal injury lawyer. A motorcycle accident attorney will advocate for your rights.

Features a Beginning Rider Needs to Ensure to Have 

For starting riders, they should consider a bike with no more than a 600 cc engine, as they will be able to better maneuver it. They should consider getting a bike with a windshield or screen to protect them against the wind and flying bugs or rocks in the air. They should get a bike with a good anti-locking braking system for easy stopping. A final thing they should consider is the seat height and the placement of the handlebars so as to not be in an uncomfortable position while riding.

A Last Look Before Buying a Motorcycle as a Beginning Rider 

Considering everything that has been written about the used motorcycle and the new motorcycle, the used bike is going to make more sense in the long run. If the rider decides that he or she wants to ride for a long time, going to a new bike may be a good option. However, this will be something the rider will want to get after gaining some experience on the road and after gaining confidence about being behind the bars of a hog. As long as there are features in place to keep the rider safe, the beginning rider will have an enjoyable time on the road with the wind rushing past his or her ears. If the rain or other inclement weather is not a problem for the rider, then there will be much pleasure in the freedom of controlling a bike, no matter what the brand is.

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