10 Chocolate Gifts For Your Chocoholic Loved One

Do you know someone who loves chocolate? This Christmas, give them what they love and crave 24/7: chocolates similar to this Vegan Christmas Chocolate! If you did a take-back and wondered how you could give just a bar of chocolate to someone special for the holidays, this article is just for you. Here, we will list down ten chocolate gifts that the chocoholic in your life will LOVE.

1. Chocolate bouquets

If your loved one loves to binge on chocolates as they watch something on Netflix, chocolate bouquets are a great gift choice. You can customize these based on the chocolate your person prefers or the day you are giving this to them. For instance, you can include heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day or anniversary.  

2. S’mores maker

Anyone who loves chocolate would also love the delightful s’mores. Therefore, giving your fellow chocoholics (or yourself) a s’mores maker is a wonderful idea. If you can find a portable version, have no doubt your gift is already a success, as your loved one can make s’more anywhere, at any time. 

3. Hot chocolate set

There is nothing so rich and yummy as traditional Mexican hot chocolate. Let your chocolate lover experience this bliss by gifting them a delightful Mexican hot chocolate set, complete with the clay jug, chocolate tablet, and a wooden whisk. 

4. Chocolate T-shirts

No, these are not edible chocolate t-shirts; they are better. Who doesn’t love showing off something they love and are proud of? Give your loved ones a chance to showcase their chocolate affair with cute, customized t-shirts for chocolate lovers. 

5. Ice cream topping set

Your chocolate-loving friend must love having a tinge of chocolate on anything they eat. You can give them the pleasure of doing that by buying a chocolate-flavoured ice cream topping set, complete with sauces and crunchies. They can use them not just on ice creams but also on bread. 

6. DIY chocolate truffles kit

Does your loved one love chocolate truffles more than they love you? It is time to get this DIY chocolate truffles kit. These kits usually come with all the ingredients one would need to make delicious truffles and detailed instructions.

7. Fondue pot

Everything tastes better with chocolate on it. When sauce doesn’t do the trick, chocolate fondue always does. So, get your chocoholic loved ones a fondue pot. These not only delight them but also makes for a great date-night and fun family-night set up. 

8. Customized hot chocolate mug

How many times have you had arguments with a loved one because you took their hot chocolate mug? Avoid these fights by gifting them customized mugs for the hot chocolate time with their names on them. This helps avoid confusion while encouraging them.

9. Chocolate recipe book

Every foodie that loves to create delicacies in their kitchen loves a good recipe book. Your chocolate-loving friend is no different. Give them a great chocolate recipe book, and be ready to taste all the wonders they create with the book. 

10. Emergency chocolate box

Every once in a while, chocolate lovers go through an emergency craving for chocolates. Be it a heartbreaking episode of a series of bad news, make your loved one feel better with an emergency chocolate box that they can break into for a quick treat.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? Some days we all crave chocolates. If you know someone who loves chocolates more than anything, the ten gifts listed above are perfect Christmas gifts for them. These gifts will definitely put a smile on your loved one’s face and land you in their good books.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.