3 Occasions That Might Require a Locksmith

It might be confusing as to whether you need a locksmith for a job, or whether you should seek services from door manufacturers. By understanding the different roles that a locksmith can have, you may be better equipped to know when to ask for their help. In addition to this, doing some research now into local companies may mean that, should you ever require their assistance, you already have a telephone number or email of a trusted company to hand.

Moving Home

When you have bought a new home, you may want to make the property as secure as possible. While you might like to believe that the previous owner recovered all existing keys and that they are now in your possession, you may not be able to guarantee this as a fact. Calling a London locksmith will allow you to change the lock on your front door, as well as any other exterior doors. This can give you greater peace of mind on the security of your home. You may also be able to have the locking system itself altered, such as whether you want a key or a thumb turn, on the internal side of the lock.

Getting Locked Out

While we might find it amusing when someone talks about getting locked out of their own home, it can be quite a distressing experience. Whether you simply forgot your keys, the wind blew the door shut, or a child closed the door behind you, your main goal might be to gain entry to the property as quickly as possible. A locksmith may be able to assist you with this. Ideally, they might attempt to do so without causing any damage, such as by picking or decoding the lock. However, this may not always be feasible. In the case of a child locking you out, you may also prefer to take a damaging, yet faster approach. This can be achieved by drilling out the lock, which will allow the door to open. If a broken lock was the cause for you getting locked out, this may need to be replaced urgently to keep your home safe and prevent this situation from happening again.

Installing Keyless Entry

Those who often forget their keys, or who want a more modern approach to home security, may be interested in having a keyless lock fitted to their doors. This will usually require a locksmith to fit and program for you. Some common keyless locks may require a pin code, a fob or mobile app, a fingerprint scanner, or even facial recognition. Likewise, if there is an error with the system, you may also need a locksmith to repair and reprogram the lock.

You may not often give much thought to the locks on your doors; however, they can help to keep small children in, and others out. Home security can give you a feeling of comfort and safety, which is where a locksmith may come in handy. 

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