6 Ways to Create a Timeless Look in Your Living Room

As much as we love redecorating, it can be tough to stay on-trend while staying in budget. Your living room is a place that has to serve so many functions in your home. Between being a center of activity and a hub of entertainment, to being the perfect space for family members to relax and catch up with each other, our living room is a space in your home that is going to see a lot of traffic. You want it to be a reflection of your home and style, while keeping things simple and tasteful. How do you bring a sense of timeless style to the busiest space in your home, without compromising personal taste? Follow these tips.

1. Focus on Staples

The rule of thumb when it comes to interior decorating? Spend your money on big ticket items, and keep it classic. Leather furniture is easy to clean and always in style, and your couch set is bound to be the star of your living room. So get something lasting, something you can see yourself living with long term, and get it in a nice, safe, neutral tone that will stay stylish, season after season.

2. Consider Functionality

Think about what your living room is to you, and your family. Do you want a space for entertaining friends? A family rec room or games room? A calming oasis when you get home at the end of the day, perfect for relaxing? Whatever you’re looking for, keep it in mind while you decorate. Bookcases make great room dividers and can help you separate an open-concept space into areas for entertaining and relaxing. Area rugs are another great way to create rooms in a larger space, leaving you space to get everything you want out of your ideal living room.

3. Leave Trend-Setting to Your Accents

Taupe, browns, off-white, and greys are all design staples for a reason. Sticking to natural colors like brown in big furniture and neutral colored walls means your design stays flexible and looks on-trend, no matter how long it’s been since you upgraded. Instead of choosing the hottest color this season in your couch or your walls, put that pop of color in your accents. Throw pillows and vases in fun prints are a great way to liven up space, and a bright, patterned area rug makes a bold statement in any space.

4. Invest in Art

Nothing says taste like great artwork. A bold print on the wall can create a great focal point for the room, which creates visual interest throughout a space. Don’t get too bogged down in the semantics of what is and is not great art, but don’t cover your space with cheap prints either. Spend some time in antique shops, visit some art’s collectives or festivals. Choose pieces you really like, and sprinkle them throughout, or go with an accent wall with a single large print, or a collection of related smaller ones. You might choose to get a photo wall to keep your space personalised, but don’t overdo it. You want your home to feel like yours, without being cluttered.

5. Avoid Clutter

Speaking of decluttering your design. Obviously, a high-traffic space like your living room can be tough to keep neat and clutter-free. Beyond keeping things neat and tidy, keep your designs looking neat and tidy on their own. Don’t overcrowd the walls. Do you really need all those throw pillows? Think about places where it’s good to have a little breathing space, and edit your décor accordingly. Minimal furniture and décor pieces keep everything looking simple, clean and timeless, as well as improving the room’s flow and functionality. As a bonus, it’s also a lot easier to keep it neat and tidy. Clean is definitely a timeless look!

6. Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors are a great design trick. Not only can a mirror make a beautiful statement piece on a blank wall, it can serve multiple functions, too. It’s great for bouncing light in a space with fewer natural light sources, and it can make your living room look a lot bigger. Try for a well-placed mirror or two in your space for a great neutral design piece that boosts the look of your home in more ways than one!

Keeping your home feeling up-to-date and stylish doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Choosing to spend your big design money on classic pieces, filling your room with on-trend color while keeping things neutral where it counts, and thinking about how you are going to make the best use of the room are great things to keep in mind when you’re planning a change. As long as you keep these style tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep your space up to date, without investing in expensive trends that won’t last. 

Krysta Jakson

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