Switching Broadband? Major Providers Reviewed

If you’re planning on switching your broadband provider in the near future, you may be interested in the winners of the Broadband Genie Home Broadband Survey 2018. The survey compiles feedback from thousands of users across the country and ranks them for a number of categories. If you’re having trouble sorting the good from the bad, this survey can help!

The survey includes categories for the most important features of a broadband provider. All of the results were voted for by Broadband Genie readers; Jamie Kavanagh, a writer for the broadband comparison site, takes us through the results.

Best Broadband Provider

The Best Broadband Provider category takes into account all of the other categories in this survey and delivers a result based on average scores across all of them. This year, Plusnet has been awarded Best Broadband Provider. It isn’t the first time and is unlikely to be the last!

With a score of 78.8%, Plusnet is a clear winner. Virgin Media came second with 75.1% and EE third with 74.5%.

Best Customer Care

Customer care is often where a company can let us down. Even with the fastest speeds or lowest prices, a company can fail hard when it comes to offering good levels of service. If a company is unable or unwilling to support you when you need them or be accommodating to reasonable requests they do not deserve your money.

Plusnet came top in the survey with a score of 80.5%. Second was EE with 76.9% and third was Sky with 75.8%.

Most Reliable Broadband Provider

Reliability is key in any service but one as important as broadband, it becomes essential. There is no point paying good money for your broadband only for it to only be available some of the time.

The most reliable broadband provider according to our survey was Plusnet with a score of 78.4%. A very close second was Virgin Media with 78.3% and a surprising but welcome third was BT with a score of 74.7%.

Best Value Provider

Cost is only one facet of broadband, the most important being value. Value balances cost, quality and speed of the broadband and all those little things that make up a contract.

Offering best value was Vodafone with a score of 81%. Coming second was Plusnet with 79.1% and third EE with 77.6%.

Most Recommended Provider

Social proof is the way we know the service delivers what we need and isn’t just all marketing. If a real person is willing to recommend a broadband provider, there must be something in it right?

Top score for Most Recommended Provider goes to Plusnet with 78.3%. Second is Virgin Media with 73.2% and third EE with 72.7%.

Most Trustworthy Provider

Trust is harder to quantify but will include whether we get the speed we are paying for and whether the company keeps its promises. Also of increasing concern is data security and this survey takes that into account.

The most trustworthy provider for 2018 is Plusnet with a score of 80.8%. Second is EE with 77.1% and then Vodafone trailing third with 76.4%.

Speed Awards

Broadband speed is a primary consideration and that’s why we rate it so highly. The survey broke it down into three distinct sections, fastest for downloading, fastest for uploading and customer speed satisfaction.

Virgin Media came top for download and speed satisfaction while Vodafone came top for upload speeds. BT was second for download and upload but third for satisfaction. Vodafone was second for satisfaction and downloading.

Check out the full Broadband Genie Home Broadband Survey 2018 for more details.

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